An In-Depth Look at Gold Bangles

For millennia, ladies have adorned their wrists and arms with exquisite jewels. These sophisticated ornamental pieces are available in various colours, materials, and accent stones. While some call them bracelets, others refer to them as bangles. Nonetheless, the two are incompatible. How can we tell the difference between gold bangles designs and gold bracelets types, and does it matter what we name them? We’ll walk you through the history of these two exquisite pieces of jewellery and demonstrate how to tell them apart.

Bracelet vs. Bangle

A bangle is a stiff, ring-shaped piece of jewellery made of gold. A classic bangle is a closed circular shape that does not have a clasp. By contrast, a bracelet may be constructed from various materials and is a flexible item that is often secured by a clasp. While both are intended to be worn on a lady’s wrist, the gold bangles designs have been worn on the upper arm and even the leg in various cultures. There are more distinctions between the two pieces of jewellery to consider, including their history.

The Bangle’s Brief History

Women of numerous civilisations have worn the bangle throughout history. Bangles have been used at weddings ethnic dance events and are often presented as protective presents for infants dating back to 2600 BC. They were often worn in layered configurations rather than as single bangles.

The Bracelet’s Brief History

Bracelets date back over 7,000 years. Initially, they were built of shells, grass, and tree branches. Later, artisans employed precious metals to construct wealth-symbolising bracelets. Bracelets got increasingly expensive as they were associated with status.

Bracelets and Bangles Today

Women’s wrists are adorned with a variety of bracelets and bangles nowadays. Bracelets and bangles often change styles to match an outfit or occasion as an exceptional fashion item. Beautiful diamond bracelets and fancy gold bangles designs are available to add to your jewellery collection.

The Best Gold Bangle @ Vaibhav Jewellers

Whether it’s a minimalist bangle or a glitzy one, modern ladies appreciate accessorising their ensembles with various bangles—design with an avant-garde flair that perfectly blends contemporary and classic elements from geometric patterns to retro-inspired designs. Choose a gold bangle with a stone setting for an ultra-glam effect. Pick perfect traditional gold bangles for women online encrusted with various jewels if you like shiny things. No matter what your style, these bangles will lend the ideal pzazz and picture-perfect appeal to your look. You’ll be spoiled and spellbound by all the options.

In Vaibhav Jewellers ‘ collection, numerous stunning designs are crafted on yellow gold, including antique, Polki, plain, precious, fancy, etc.  Choosing the ideal piece is a matter of taste. Consider the outfit you’ll be wearing with your bangle and which style suits your skin tone.

Family Functions

Our country is rich in religious landmarks, including many temples. When it comes to pastoral situations, antique gheru bangles are a great option because of their beautiful gold craftsmanship. They’ve been given a rustic finish for an antique vibe. We also have Kundan if that’s what you’re looking for. Each item is created with precious gold and immaculate stonework that creates a calming effect. The gold bangles designs are ideal for lighthearted occasions like birthdays and sangeets. Still, you may also wear them for more devout rituals like Mata ki Chowki, Ganpati festivals, or even Holika Dahan.

The Best Selection for a Party

Parties are more fun when we’re dressed in Indo-Western garb. Fancy gold bangles designs are ideal for these occasions. They are a perfect combination of elegance, grace, and simplicity. For example, plain Gold Kolkata Fancy Enamel features detailed enamel work on its body, making it more attractive while keeping it simple.

Gold Bangles with a Signity Stone Accent, another beautiful creation, is created to give your apparel a regal look. A family heirloom could have had this as a mainstay. Artificial diamonds, such as the Signity Star Stone, are made in a lab. Even in the shower, the pool, or the spa, it remains clear. This stone’s radiance is amplified tenfold when encased in 22Kgold.

Office wear

Simple gold bangles designs are both fashionable and sophisticated. Long skirts, floor-length cotton dresses, tunics, and shirts might all be paired with them. It’s simple to dress up or down in a minimal pattern. Just be careful not to pile on too many of them, or you’ll end up with an unprofessional appearance!

A plain gold band design bangle is an excellent option for the workplace because of its versatility. Dresses, skirts, and tuxedos all look great with them. Regardless of your skin tone, these bangles will look great on you.

Why us?

You may now purchase gold bangles for women online via our e-Store. At Vaibhav Jewellers, you can filter designs by the frequency you wear them, such as everyday wear, work, and special events—concerned about the product’s quality? Do not be worried! Our whole collection has the BIS mark. You can check the gold bangles price and weight from anywhere globally. Yes, we do ship internationally. We also provide EMI alternatives for high-priced items.

Final words:

When it comes to women’s bangles, age is irrelevant. The item is easy enough to dress according to your preferences and personality, and the most incredible thing is that you’ll never go out of choices!

Shopping at Vaibhav is like to bringing a piece of desi culture and a healthy dose of tradition to your house. We’ve revolutionised online jewellery shopping. You don’t only shop for Jewellery with us; you take home a legacy.

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