An Extensive Band Saws Guide for Beginners

If you are a person with even the slightest knowledge of woodwork, you will most likely be familiar with various saws used in this field. Every saw present in a woodwork shop has its purpose, and in this article, we will look into one of these saws, the band saw.

The band saw is one of the essential saws in a woodshop. Its functions are beyond what the basic saw can do. It stands out because it offers versatility when it comes to making irregular cuts. This does not mean that these are the only cuts it makes. It arguably makes cutting them easy and more efficient.

If asked to define the band saw, how will you describe it? The simplest definition is a long-bladed saw that is extended between two or more swivels that are constantly rotating. The band saw is a machine that runs on a motor which mostly runs on electricity.

Are there classes of band saws?  

Were you wondering whether band saws come in various types and sizes? The answer is yes. They do come in multiple categories. Although most of these saws utilize the same operations, there are some variations among them. Let us look at some of these classes of band saws.

1. Floor Standing Band Saw

The floor-standing band saw is the most commonly known of band saws in Kenya. Many professional woodworkers use this model because it is more efficient and powerful. It takes up a significant amount of space since it is enormous, but this is an advantage. Its large size means a larger table size, working space, and so much more.

2. Benchtop Band Saw

The benchtop band saw is designed to be attached on a flat surface which acts as its stand or base. These saws are ambulant compared to other versions of floor-standing saw models. This saw is ideal for an aspiring woodworker with a significantly small shop because it does not require much space.

3. Meat Band Saw

As its name suggests, the meat band saw is used in butchers to cut down large chunks of meat. It is an ideal saw to cut through flesh, fat, and bones, reducing waste. Band saw prices in Kenya are pretty hiked, but you can find an ideal one at a low price for the meat band saw, even if it is a floor-standing version.

4. Handheld Band Saw

A handheld band saw has different uses compared to the standard band saw. It is considered a band saw only because of how its saw moves. It is pretty tiny in size, almost the size of a circular saw, and it is used mainly at job sites to cut out excess pieces of wood. Most plumbers find this saw ideal as it helps them while trimming fragments of pipes.

Common Uses- Where are band saws commonly used?

As seen in this article, band saws are among the most commonly used saws by professionals because they can use them to cut out intricate cuts off wood, pipes, metals, et cetera. So, to summarize their uses, it is safe to say that their services include woodworking, metal cutting, ripping, lumbering, among others.


By referring to this article, you should have a better understanding of the band saw. If you are looking to buy any band saw, this can act as your guide.

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