All you need to know about the SBI credit card bill payment online

SBI Card started its journey with the basic motto at heart – to make life simple for its stakeholders – customers and employees. The journey started in 1998; the SBI Cards and Payment Services Private Ltd. was a joint venture between India’s premier banking institution, the State Bank of India, and GE Capital. Nineteen years later, in 2017, the stake of GE Capital was acquired by The Carlyle Group, and the incorporated company got its legal name SBICPSL. In March 2020, SBI Card was listed on Indian stock exchanges – the first pure-play company in the Indian credit card sector.

What makes SBI Cards so unique?

The leading credit cards company brings a wide-encompassing range of value-added services and payment products for its customers. The company has remained dedicated to its motto and USP from the very beginning. Known for adhering strictly to the best business and responsible corporate citizenship practices.

Historic wins & accolades

  • SBI Cards reached a customer base of one lakh within ten months of the launch.
  • In 2002, within four years of inception, the company crossed the one million customer base.
  • In the corresponding three years, that is by 2005; the company crossed the mark of 2 million customers.
  • In twenty-three years, the company has introduced varied new card types. The different types include shopping cards, travel cards, corporate cards, classic cards, premium cards, and co-branded cards.
  • Some of the awards that the company has received during its tenure so far are – Gold 2022 Stevie Winner for Sales and Customer Services, Economic Times Best BFSI Brand Award 2021, Enterprise-wide Digital Transformation award by the Economic Times in 2021, Reader’s Digest Most Trusted Brand 2021 and the Iconic Brand of India 2020 by Economic Times.

The company is the 2nd biggest credit card company in India, with 12.5 million-plus customers.

How to make credit card bill payments for an SBI Card?

One of the best things about credit cards is that you get the requisite money in hand to spend on an immediate requirement. You can transact in products and services beyond your budget for the month. But, it comes with certain terms and conditions. You need to make timely SBI Credit card bill payments to ensure that you keep enjoying the freedom of buying and ordering hassle-free.

Ways to make bill payments of SBI Cards?

There are two ways of making SBI Credit card payments – Offline and Online.

  1. Offline – There are three methods of paying credit card bills in the physical world. You can pay over the counter, drop a cheque manually at the dropbox, or pay using an SBI ATM card.
  2. Online – There are more options for paying the bills online. These include:
  • Go onto the SBI website and pay from your SBI Account direct.
  • Go onto the SBI website and pay through NEFT or Net Banking.

The distinct advantage of paying online is that users do not waste their time or efforts standing in queues.

How to pay online at SBI Website?

  • Open the site or SBI card mobile App. Log in with the help of a user ID and password.
  • Go to Bill Payments and then to Manage Biller.
  • Add SBI Cards and Payment Services Ltd. by choosing the All India billers.
  • Enter your name and credit card number.
  • Use the One Time Password (OTP) sent to your registered mobile number to pass the final online payment stage and approve the details.
  • To pay your bills, go onto the View/Pay bill. Click on the tab ‘Without Bills’. Choose SBI Card and click on Pay.
  • Enter your SBI account number amount and click on Pay Now. After this, the payment is processed almost instantly, and the same will be reflected on your credit card account.

Another popular method of paying online is using a non-SBI third-party Payments App.  These are UPI or BHIM apps that offer peer-to-peer transactions between member banks. Consequently, the payments are instantly executed. Some app companies offer Pay Later options too. You can avail credit with minimal documentation to pay off your bills without any delay in this mode. This facility is good support for people who are short on money, require immediate finances, or have overshot their monthly budget.

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