All You Need To Know About Plate Compactor Machine

A plate compactor is an excellent equipment to own because it is ideal for major building projects such as compressing gravel, soil, and compacting materials used in landscaping jobs. The equipment is available on the Kenyan market at reasonable prices. The guide below highlights the factors to consider when deciding to buy a plate compactor.

Several factors outside your control may influence the cost of the compactor, mainly brought up by intermediaries and brokers, who may charge you higher fees and the equipment, may not fit your needs in the end. Here are the main tips to help you avoid such situations.

Compaction force

There is a wide range of force applied to the ground while using different plate compactor models. This compaction force determines the final hardness of the soil. The deeper the

compaction to be done, the more complex the earth becomes, and the larger the compaction force. The most common unit of compaction force measurement is the pound. Therefore, the plate compactor prices in Kenya will be higher if you select a higher compaction force.

Engine Capacity

The engine capacity is another component that influences plate compactor prices in Kenya. The engine’scapacity is measured in cubic capacity. A more powerful CC indicates better performance at the expense of somewhat higher fuel consumption, hence higher price. For example, an 80CC engine should perform better than one with a 60CC capacity.

Engine power

Just like concrete mixer, engine power of a plate compactor also influences its price. Measured in horsepower, a plate compactor with a larger HP will provide more power ensuring it is completed quickly and correctly. The larger the engine capacity, the higher the plate compactor price In Kenya. With all other circumstances being equal, an engine with a rating of 7 horsepower will perform better than one with a rating of 5 horsepower.

Type of compactor chosen

The kind of plate compactor you select also affects the pricing of a plate compactor in Kenya.

Forward driver plate compactors and their reversible counterparts often having a high compaction force. The reverse feature has been introduced to make maneuvering the plate compactor easier.

Automatic or cable-driven

Hydraulic orcable-driven reversing devices are another example. The hydraulic reversing

Device is found in high-end compactors with large compaction forces. A better alternative to compactors with limited compaction force capabilities is the belt drive reverse mechanism. Hydraulic plate compactors cost more in Kenya than their cable-driven counterparts.

In conclusion

there are so many factors that determine the compactor price in Kenya. The info on this article is meant to give the reader a comprehensive idea on prices of plate compactors in Kenya. Important equipment might be expensive, so do your research before making a purchase.

Try out a selection ofmachines with different features to find out what will be the best for you.

Choosing the correct equipment is less often a debate of right and wrong, butwhat is best for you is more adequately important. With all factors put into consideration, the reader should be able to understand the right machine for their needs.

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