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The layout of the rooms In building a house บริษัทรับสร้างบ้าน like a living room, which is a bedroom, a living room, a dining room, a kitchen and a bathroom, it can be seen that the arrangement of the furniture must take into account the same things.

  1. Traffic routing The use or use of the area of ​​each stomach must have a thoroughfare that is convenient, not walking around or muddle around. Must not be too far from the use that must be related or must not walk over in unrelated parts too much.
  2. Grouping of furniture are individual pieces of furniture that are used together or are strongly related to each other. They should be placed in related and contiguous positions. So that the use will be flexible and save time without having to walk back and forth. Or spreading out a lot of work may be inconvenient.
  3. Determination of the layout of the flange The size of the room or the style of use will also determine the layout of the floor plan. Inside the house The layout of the floor plan usually follows the character of the space that is already defined by the building รับสร้างบ้าน The arrangement of the furnishings will follow as well. If a formal translation As a ceremonial event, it is often emphasized to arrange the elements that are balanced on two equal sides, with the highlight of the furniture in the middle. This can be a large living room set or a large display cabinet. The less ceremonial but well-balanced designs are relatively simple, in which styles may use different shapes of furniture. or the placement does not focus on the perfect fit that must be the same This will give you a very casual and friendly feeling. commonly organized
  4. Determination of the proportions of the area Whether there is a wide or narrow space to arrange furniture The placement of furniture must be able to be used easily and easily. There is a sufficient range of use in various related ways, for example, when setting up a desk, there must be space for sitting and moving while working. The bed arrangement must have space for walking around the bed to cover the sheets. The designated area must not be too narrow or too wide. If it is narrow, the usage may not be very flexible. If it is too wide, it may cause a lack of relationship. Intermittent or feeling too empty will not be good
  5. Determining the direction of light and air In the current housing arrangements it may be difficult to determine. or find a suitable direction naturally But it should always be taken into account when the opportunity arises. Or have the opportunity to use natural light and air should be chosen, for example, the current building may be a condominium or a townhouse. which may have less natural light and air Requires air conditioning because the windows are completely enclosed. But if there is a chance to arrange light or even a small window will make the atmosphere of the space.
  6. Determining the size of the room The size of the room usually depends on the functional need. Or according to the purpose of arranging furniture, if appropriate, will make the use of efficiency. Large pieces of furniture are suitable for large spaces. But if the space is small, the same items must be smaller, such as a wardrobe in a large room. We can make a wardrobe as big as you like. But if the room is small Clothes must be smaller, even if they are not enough. or bed arrangement in the large bedroom Even if used to sleep alone It should arrange a large bed would be more appropriate. But if a large bedroom uses a small bed, it will cause too much openness and may feel empty.

From the method of laying out the plans mentioned above Students need to practice in placement a lot. and many formats in the same plan Then take into account that the plan of the Thai piece is the best. When practicing from the plan of each room, which is a small room or a specific room. Should have practiced planning in a wider area. This would require the apprentices to figure out the relationship of the continuous area between each room as well as from one area to another. There must also be furniture or decorations to assemble again. which in this section will be a finer requirement When practiced to place a large and small plan is enough. This experience will allow the apprentices to expand the concept of planning. Other types of buildings besides residential houses


Arrangement of space in the house In addition to having to plan the proper arrangement The continuity of all applications must also be considered. Detailed design purpose Designers need to get ideas that are personal to the homeowner’s needs. For example, some homeowners want a bedroom with a relaxation area and a TV. And some people want to have a desk inside their stomach. Some people want to have a television set like a movie theater, for example. Based on these requirements, the designers will arrange the space in a suitable and comfortable space as much as possible.

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