9 Tips on How to Play Golf During Winter

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The weather conditions in winter can be challenging for golf players in many ways. You need to keep yourself warm and take more care of your equipment. You need to adjust your game to the temperature and terrain conditions.

Another way to play golf in the winter is to play on a simulator or to travel to warmer places and play there.

1. Play on a Simulator

In case you are not very comfortable playing in extreme conditions, you can always choose to play golf on a simulator. You can look up an indoor golf club in your city and play there. There are indoor golf clubs that provide an excellent experience with golf simulators in NYC. So if you find yourself in the Big Apple or you live there, you may treat yourself to a virtual game of golf.

An even bigger treat you can give yourself is to buy a golf simulator and enjoy the play whenever you like.

2. Travel to Places Where You Can Play Golf in Warm Weather

You can find very satisfying trip arrangements to destinations in Florida, Arizona, or Nevada, where you can always play in pleasant weather conditions.

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3. Dress Up for the Cold 

When deciding on what to wear for your game of golf, you will want to feel comfortable so that nothing gets in the way of your performance. You don’t want a bulky jacket to ruin your swing.

It is suggested that dressing in layers will keep you warm without interfering with your movements. Most of the professional players use the polo with short or long sleeves as a ground layer. The vest is also excellent for keeping you warm. In the more extreme conditions, it is recommended to use a performance pullover designed to minimize the air-flow, light-weight, not impeding your swing.

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4. Keep Your Hands Warm

You need to keep your hands warm all the time because you need to have a good feeling of grasp in your hands. It is very useful to have any kind of hand warmers to use between the shots.

5. Prepare Yourself for the Wet and Wind

If you are expecting rain or strong wind, you will want to have the water-repelling jacket and a matching pair of pants that you can wear over your regular golf clothes. Not only that, it will protect you from getting wet, the water-repellent clothes are exceptional protection from the wind. 

In case the weather conditions change during your game, it is easy to take it off and keep on playing in your usual golf outfit.

Photo by Steve Johnson on Unsplash

6. Proper Shoes for More Stability

When playing in winter, you need proper shoes with non-slipping soles, and water-resistant. As you may guess, you will find yourself in a situation of placing your shot while standing in water. The terrain may be slippery in the wintertime, therefore you need to have golf shoes with good soles to prevent injury while walking over the course, and to assure your stability when performing the shot.

7. Warm-Up

No matter what kind of clothes you wear, you need to warm up for the match, and to keep your blood circulation well, especially in your extremities. In order to achieve that, it is often suggested to keep walking, instead of using the golf cart to go from hole to hole.

8. Take Good Care of Your Equipment

Keep your clubs and your golf balls dry and clean. Don’t leave your bag in the car overnight if it is cold outside. The temperature changes may affect the material on your grips, making small cracks. 

While playing, you will see that it is more than useful to clean the mud of your club. Also, the golf balls you are using should be washed if there is some mud stuck on them because it changes the balance of the ball and alters the trajectory.

9. Adjust Your Game

It is known that the golf ball doesn’t perform the same way in cold weather. The cold air has more density, and it shortens the golf ball flight. Trackman reported that for every ten-degrees change of temperature, there is a one-yard difference in distance that the golf ball is reaching.

Warming up your golf balls is against the rules, and it is not effective anyway.

When planning your strategy, take into consideration the ball trajectory in winter conditions, adjust your swing and keep in mind maintaining your balance when performing the shot.

And last, but not least, choose your clubs according to the conditions.


Playing golf in winter conditions can be challenging. The side factors such as clothes or shoes become more important because they may temper your performance. 

All the same, you can enjoy your game with slightly more of the preparations, or you can pick the coziness of indoor golf in a club of your choice.

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