7 Most Common Instant Gas Hot Water Problems & How to Fix them According to Reputable Gas Plumbers!

Instant gas hot water systems are a fantastic addition to any home, sometimes referred to as continuous flow gas hot water systems . They are energy-efficient, cost-effective, compact, and environmentally friendly! But what happens if they don’t function properly?

Reliable gas plumbers deal with instant gas hot water systems regularly and are familiar with all the potential issues. According to reputable gas plumbers, here are seven common instant gas water problems and whether you can handle them on your own or if you need professional assistance.

The Temperature of Your Water Fluctuates Between Hot and Cold

There are a few reasons why your water is hot and cold at random intervals. First, your fittings may have a restrictor or malfunction, making it difficult for your water heater to tell whether or not it is a hot water tap. This can cause your water to heat up unevenly. Alternatively, your hot water unit’s gas supply may be insufficient, leading it to turn on and off without warning. A qualified gas plumber will need to take care of this.

Only Produces Lukewarm Water

There are several reasons why your quick water heater is just supplying lukewarm water to you. The first is that the thermostat on your hot water heater is set too low or is broken. If it’s simply set too low, this is a simple correction. Simply set the thermostat to the temperature you choose!

On the other hand, a malfunctioning thermostat will require the assistance of a skilled gas plumber to repair or replace it.

Finally, it’s also possible that the flow rate of your instant hot water system isn’t keeping up with your home’s hot water demands. You may either regulate your family’s hot water usage so it isn’t used all at once, or you can install a second unit to work alongside your current one! The proper flow rate for your home is determined by how much hot water you intend to use at once and your home’s overall climate.

There Isn’t Any Hot Water

If you have no hot water at all, the first and most obvious place to look is to make sure your instant gas hot water system is plugged in and switched on at the power outlet.

Your gas connection is the next item on your to-do list. Do you have any other gas appliances in your house that are working? If not, your gas supply is most likely the issue. This can be resolved by contacting your gas supplier.

Your Pipes are Starting to Smell

Is the water hot, although it has a foul odour? Bad smells from the plumbing are relatively common, usually caused by a bacterial infestation or a blocked drain. The only solution here is to make an appointment with your local blocked drain plumber for a serious-yet-simple tank flush.

Drain odours can significantly impact your quality of life at home, and it is well worth the cost of a single emergency plumbing call out. Smells can migrate throughout the house, and if left unattended for an extended period, this will most certainly occur.

There Isn’t as Much Hot Water as There Used to Be, or the Water Pressure Is Lower

If your instant hot water system produces less hot water or has low pressure, it could be due to a clogged cold inlet strainer valve, which reduces the volume of water or water pressure coming from your instant water heater. This valve keeps debris and rust out of the water pushed into your water heater. A malfunctioning or broken thermostat might also cause this issue.

Excessively Loud System

Believe it or not, sediment that has accumulated near the element could be the source of a noisy hot water system. As previously stated, a flush can typically resolve issues with hot water systems. However, the element may be on its way out as well, especially if you’ve experienced temperature inconsistencies. Check to see whether your hot water anode needs to be replaced, as this could be the source of the build-up.

There are Visible Leaks

Unfortunately, this isn’t good news: in most circumstances, if your hot water isn’t working and the system is leaking, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to fix it. It could, however, just be a valve. Instead, you may look up how to identify a leaking hot water system online and call your friendly plumber for guidance and replacement choices.

Where Can I Find a Reliable Gas Plumber Near Me?

Typically, you want to find a plumber you can trust and who is local to you because if any issues resurface after the plumber has completed the initial unblocking procedure, a reputable gas plumber will happily come back to your residence and fix the issue.

Whatever the issue with your instant gas hot water system, you should immediately contact a reliable gas plumber to avoid the progression of a minor problem turning into a dangerous and costly issue to fix.

A skilled gas plumber will also have other plumbing experiences, such as experience as a blocked drain plumber, toilet repairs, water heaters and much more. So, you don’t have to contact numerous tradespeople to find the solution to your problem. Instead, a skilled plumber will be able to identify any issue even if it is outside of their expertise to at the very least recommend you another expert.

A reputable gas plumber will also do system replacements and installations, using only the best brands and the most up-to-date hot water technologies and excellent workmanship.

It is always recommended to hire a professional plumber rather than hiring a handyman or a “DIY expert. If a plumber has difficulties while performing the job, you can rest assured that the plumber will endeavour to resolve all issues. A handyman or ‘DIY expert’, on the other hand, may cause difficulties while attempting to remedy the original problem, resulting in more costs in the long run.

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