6 Types Of Flowers That Bring Happiness & Positivity In Your Life

Life is a ride full of turns, ups, and downs, but nature has given a cure in the name of flowers. The beauty of flowers can eliminate sorrow and inject happiness just with their single sight. Here are some flowers that you can keep in your home and your backyard to experience how flowers bring positivity and happiness.

After reading this article, you need to go to the best flower shop in Mumbai or whichever city you reside in to get the flowering plant. You can grow a plant yourself if you are good at gardening.

  1. Plumeria Flowers: Plumeria is called Champa in Hindi. The beautiful, dim, fragrant pale white, yellow flowers of Plumeria are often used in worship. Plumeria trees are planted to purify the atmosphere of the temple premises and ashram. Plumeria trees are used in homes, parks, parking lots, and as ornamental plants. Plumeria does not have pollen, so bees never sit on its flowers. Plumeria is counted among the five flowers of Kamadeva. The Plumeria flower is also festooned with other flowers, like Ashoka, Punnag, at the feet of Mother Goddess Lalita Ambika. The Champa tree is considered a symbol of good luck from the point of view of Vastu.

There are mainly 5 types of Champa- 1. Son Champa, 2. Nag Champa, 3. Kanak Champa, 4. Sultan Champa and 5. Kathari Champa. All types of Champa are wonderful and beautiful one by one, and what is their fragrance!

2.Night Jasmine flower: Night Jasmine is also called Harsingar and Shaifalika. In Hindi, it is called Parijat, and in Urdu, it is called Guljafri. Night jasmine flowers have the power to remove the stress from your life and fill it with happiness. These wonderful flowers of Parijat bloom only at night, and by morning they all dwindle. It is believed that just by touching the Night Jasmine tree, a person’s fatigue gets eradicated.

The description of this tree and flowers is found in detail in Harivansh Purana. These flowers are specially used for Lakshmi Puja, but only those flowers are used which fall from the tree on their own. In whose house or courtyard these flowers bloom, peace and prosperity always resides there.

  1. Night Queen Flowers: It is also called the moonlight flower. The flowers of the night queen spread an intoxicating fragrance. Its fragrance goes a long way. Its small flowers come in clusters and bloom at night and shrink in the morning. The flowers of Ratrani come 5 or 6 times a year. Every time for 7 to 10 days, by spreading their fragrance, they create a very peaceful and aromatic environment. Whoever gets its fragrance in the nose, stays there. By smelling its fragrance, all the troubles of life are erased. Perfume is also made from the flowers of Ratrani and Jasmine. Women make Gajra from the flowers of Ratrani and Jasmine, which is applied to the hair. The Ratrani plant is an evergreen shrub that can grow up to 13 feet tall. Its leaves are simple, narrow, knife-like, long, smooth, and shiny. The flower is slender tubular as well as green and white.
  2. Tuberose: The tuberose plant is found all over India. Flowers appear from April to September in plains and June to September in hilly areas. There are three varieties of tuberose. Tuberose flowers are used in making garlands and bouquets. Its long sticks are also used as decoration. It is also used to make aromatic oils and perfumes. It also has many medicinal properties.
  3. Mogra: It is called ‘Malti’ and ‘Mallika’ in Sanskrit. Mogra flowers bloom in summer. Its sweet-smelling smell gives a feeling of coolness to the body and mind. Its flower is white in colour. As the heat rises, its aroma keeps you away from the feeling of heat. Mogra gives benefits in leprosy, mouth and eye diseases.
  4. Jasmine: Jasmine bush is planted in the gardens because of its fragrant flowers. Jasmine flowers are small and white in color and resemble jasmine. Flowers bloom in the rainy season. Its aroma removes all the tension of the mind and brain, and it makes the environment pure. Jasmine flower is also used to cure liver disease, pain due to liver scarring, and abdominal pain due to severe diarrhea. As per the beliefs of Vastu, a jasmine plant has the power to attract positive energy and soothe the nerves.

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