5 Websites That Everyone Attending Online College Must Know

The pandemic has changed the world of education forever. Online colleges have shifted the methodology of teaching and learning, and students need to adapt to it to improve their outcomes and understanding of a subject.

Here are 5 websites that everyone attending online college must know which will make their work easier.


If you need to submit an essay or a paper and have an upcoming deadline, you need to refer to multiple articles to understand the topic. You can use a website called pocket. With Pocket, you can save multiple articles in one place, and the folders and name it according to it allowed easy access to multiple bookmarks and ensures you can get all info on one page and complete all your assignments easily without switching between multiple tabs


Along with the course work, it’s essential you take on capstone projects, freelancing and internships. These will help you learn from real people in the industry and experience what working in your field is like. When you are attending online college, It’s easy to get distracted and get lost in never-ending work. What you need to do is set up for some time to learn real-world skills and understand the working of each organization. Glassdoor is a great site to read about different organizations, the positions they hire, the duration of internship and what you will learn from them. Regularly update Glassdoor profile and visit all the opportunities there to get an internship, and be mentored by real industry players


There’s nothing more heartbreaking than your college professor deducting your marks for plagiarism. It is important to be ethically correct in your research and have no conflict of interest. There can be several instances of plagiarism that can be intentional or unintentional. To avoid plagiarism, it’s important to run any assignment or document you submit through Copyscape. This is a great plagiarism checker which tell you about the degree of plagiarism in your document. It also highlights the parts you can edit those to give proper citations and avoid plagiarism.

PDF converter

For online college, you need to submit all your documents in a set format. When you submit your documents as Word files, there are chances of misalignment or formatting going haywire. Edit PDF online and send it across to your teacher without altering any of its content and score well. The security gets threatened and there is also loss of graphical integrity. To avoid this, it’s important to convert your documents into PDF file. A PDF editor can help you in adding your e-signature, watermark, as well as make necessary changes to any PDF and renaming it.

Edit PDF online today using PDF Editor to submit the highest quality of work for all your assignments and perform well in school.

Thus, using these tools can help you in acing online college like a pro. Be smart, utilize all the resources available and give your best work to be rewarded.

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