5 Steps of the Alcohol Interlock Program

An Alcohol Interlock Program is composed to decrease drinking driving within NSW. It is a compulsory court-ordered demand for some individuals who have committed drink driving offences.

All drivers who have been acquitted with mid to high-range drink driving offences, as well as those who have been convicted of repeat drink driving offences within NSW, must have an interlock installed in their vehicle. This guarantees that offenders detach their drinking from driving and do not disobey drink driving laws again.

Below is an outline of five specific steps that a drink driving offender will need to participate in the program. The Alcohol Interlock Program has a rigorous and detailed process that needs to be approached correctly to ensure no risk of failing the courts’ orders.

Step 1: Finish Your Reduced Licence Disqualification Period

If the court has presented you with an Alcohol Interlock order, you must undergo the Alcohol Interlock Program. Along with partaking in this program, the court will generally reduce and suspend part of your licence disqualification period. This disqualification compliance period needs to be completed before you start the period issued by the court for your interlock driver’s licence.

Step 2: Partake in a Medical Consultation

One of the major requirements of the Alcohol Interlock Program is to undertake a medical consultation. These medical consultations are strictly conducted by a doctor who is specially educated in issuing a Drink Less Intervention. This specific intervention has been uniquely made for the Alcohol Interlock Program. All medical consultations need to be undertaken a month prior to  your reduced disqualification period finishing.

It is critical that a medical intervention certificate is obtained and signed off by a doctor. Keep this certificate in a safe place as it is required by the RMS when you are permitted to apply for your interlock driver’s licence.

Step 3: Approved Installers Will Carry Out Installation and Interlock Training

You will have to organise a meeting with an authorised interlock device installer when your disqualification period is reaching its end point. It is an offence to have someone other than an approved Roads and Maritimes Services interlock installer to install or remove an interlock device from your vehicle.

At the time of installation, temporary training from the interlock installer will need to be fulfilled. Training is a vital element in learning how to use the interlock device and its multiple functions accurately so that you are able to complete the Alcohol Interlock Program successfully. The interlock installers will also advise you on the specific servicing requirements that need to be adhered to.

As with your medical consultation, the same goes for when your interlock device has been fitted and the interlock training has been completed. You will receive a signed interlock installation certificate that will need to be supplied to obtain your interlock driver’s licence.

Step 4: Attain Your Interlock Licence from Your Local RMS Centre

You will be permitted to apply for the interlock licence the following day after your reduced disqualification compliance period has been completed. Ensure that you are well informed that the RMS will demand a fee to be charged for the licence application.

When visiting your local RMS Registry, it is vital to have all supporting documents present. Supporting documents include your medical intervention certificate and your interlock installation certificate.

Along with an interlock licence, there are various special licence conditions that need to be adhered to. You will be required to sign off on these special conditions before obtaining you special interlock licence. Signing off to these conditions means that you acknowledge all of the restrictions and requirements concerning the interlock licence. If you are unsure of any certain details and need clarification, make sure that you seek legal advice or advice from someone at the RMS.

Step 5: Take Your Car and Interlock Device For Monthly Services

All vehicles that are fitted with an alcohol interlock device are required to be submitted for monthly servicing. Make sure that these services are arranged with an authorised interlock installer every 30 days. The idea behind these services is to check that the device is calibrated correctly, has not been interfered with and is in good working condition. It is an offence for someone who is not an approved interlock installer to carry out services on your vehicle.

How Can I Get Legal Advice?

If you have a background of drink driving offences, you may be served with a mandatory interlock licence order if you have been convicted of a drink driving offence multiple times. In addition, if you have a history of drug offences, you may want to look into enrolling in the Magistrates Early Referral into Treatment (MERIT) Program. Speak to your local drug lawyers Sydney for some guidance in this program. They will also be able to supply you with the best possible outcomes for both drink driving and drug offences.

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