5 Best Alexa Compatible Smart Thermostats for 2022

Smart thermostats can help you save money on electricity, while also maintaining a comfortable environment in your house. You’ll scarcely need to adjust the thermostat once it’s set up, thanks to factors like local weather, population density, and electricity pricing. When you do need to make some adjustments, hands-free helpers are frequently used. You’ll want a smart thermostat that works with Alexa if you have a few Echo devices in your home.

Let’s look at the finest Alexa-compatible smart thermostats.

Ecobee Smart Thermostat

It’s been a few years since Ecobee released the ecobee4 with Alexa built-in. In the past, we had to communicate with Alexa through another device, as if we were cavemen! In all seriousness, however, the notion was a success. Ecobee has now followed up on the success of the ecobee4 with the release of its updated smart thermostat with Voice Control, which is similar to the popular Google-friendly Nest Thermostat.

So, what’s new or improved, you might wonder? It has a more modern, cleaner look, as well as a brighter touch display. It’s got a quad-core processor (in a thermostat, no less!) and far-field speech recognition, so you don’t have to shout to turn the air conditioning down. With Alexa built-in, you can ask the ecobee smart thermostat for weather or news updates, as well as play music via Spotify connect.

Hive Smart Thermostat

Another wonderful wireless option for changing the room temperature to a reasonable level is the Hive smart thermostat.

A dual-control option is included in the app. As a result, you’ll always be able to keep your home at a pleasant temperature, whether it’s for heating or cooling. Hive, like all other popular smart thermostats, may be programmed to drop and boost temperatures at specific times. The Hive app’s integration provides you the ability to use it from any location.

Hive is unlike other thermostats in that it does not use Wi-Fi. It has an active hub, and all interactions with smart home systems like Alexa and other external devices must go through this hub. It’s simple to set up and provides a wealth of benefits.

GLAS by Johnson

The elegant GLAS by Johnson Controls is a terrific choice, if you have vast pockets and fastidious tastes, but not everyone is seeking the cheapest smart thermostat. The 6-inch transparent OLED offers GLAS a sci-fi look that is elegant rather than ostentatious. Touch controls are built-in, allowing you to navigate with ease. If you have an Echo device, you can use Alexa to control your home hands-free. If you don’t want to use Alexa, Cortana, Microsoft’s own AI digital assistant, is included.

Google Assistant is also supported, so you’re covered on all fronts. Scheduling and programming are simple when using Windows 10 IoT Core. User input is limited once you’ve established your baselines. As it learns, GLAS adjusts the heating and cooling on its own.

The GLAS monitors air quality both inside and outdoors, in addition to providing rock-solid climate management. In your smart home, get real-time reporting on humidity, carbon dioxide levels, and any VOCs (volatile organic compounds) that are contaminating the air quality. GLAS maintains track of pollen counts, as well as the UV Index and Air Quality Index when you’re outside. While we cannot claim that GLAS is inexpensive, the best things in life are rarely so. You receive powerful functionality, useful air quality metrics, and award-winning design in exchange for that hefty price tag.

Wyze Smart Thermostat

The Wyze smart thermostat is a simple method to improve the energy efficiency of your house. You may create programs, get energy-saving recommendations, and track your home’s temperature history using the companion app. The Wyze thermostat comes in at a fairly cheap $70 price tag and supports Alexa and Google Assistant. Wyze makes a wide range of smart home products, so you should expect their thermostat to work well with their security cameras.

GoControl Z-Wave Thermostat

Last but not least, GoControl offers a budget-friendly Z-Wave thermostat that can be used in both retrofit and new-build applications. The design is most appropriately defined as minimalistic and basic, but what about the way it functions? You’ll have Z-Wave connectivity, which is suitable for both traditional HVAC systems and pump HVAC systems. If you wish to utilize your thermostat in conjunction with other home technology, you’ll need a hub and compatible devices. For many, it’s as simple as turning on the lights when you get home, and setting the thermostat to your liking.

If you want to control your home without using your hands, the GoControl works with Alexa if you have a smart speaker or smart display. While there are no bells and whistles here, you will get a cost-effective technique to automate climate management while paying less for power month after month.

Final Thoughts

So, we hope you’ve gained some insights on Smart Thermostat Alexa by now. All you’ll need in most circumstances is an Echo device. Alexa is fully integrated with some thermostats.

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