4 Advantages Of Jazz Shoes That You Must Know

Jazz originated in the United States in the mid 20th century. It is a combination of African and vernacular American dance styles that moves to jazz music. Around the 1920s, the dance style reached the Australian shore. It has since become one of the most popular dance styles in the country.

There are around 30 jazz dance schools in the country. The requirements to get into one are your willingness to learn, love for dance, suitable clothing, and proper jazz shoes. The clothes and the shoes are not requirements, but they are needed to be more comfortable when you dance.

Jazz outfits

There is a variety of clothes that jazz dancers wear, depending on their performance. However, if you are a student taking dance classes, what you would wear will depend on your instructor. They may have a dress code that you should abide by.

If your instructor does not have a dress code for you, you can just wear something comfortable. You can also get ideas on what other dancers wear by checking out dance shops online.

Tights and leotards

The standard outfit of jazz dancers is in tights and leotards. The outfit’s snug fit allows the dancers to perform certain moves. It is like having a second skin. Some people are not comfortable with wearing tight clothes. Those who don’t like leotards and tights can wear jazz pants. They are like sweatpants but a lot lighter and a little tighter. You can choose from the many colours and lengths of this type of pants.


Some dancers like to wear shorts. However, they wear this over the leotards. It all boils down to comfort. If you are not comfortable with wearing just leotards or tights, then, by all means, wear a pair of shorts over them.


Most dancers wear a camisole to pair with their leotards or jazz pants. A camisole allows the dancer to move without any obstructions freely. Some like to wear dri-FIT shirts because of their moisture-wicking properties. Dancers sweat a lot, and clothes that do not retain moisture are a great help. Finally, some jazz dancers choose to wear ordinary shirts when they practice simply. The rule is as long as you are comfortable and that there are no clothing rules to observe, then wear whatever you like.

Jazz shoes

This type of shoe is almost similar to ballet shoes. The only difference between them is that the shoes used for jazz dancing have smaller heels. This footwear usually come in tan or black.

There are different types of jazz shoes. These are:

  • Slip-on
  • With laces
  • Without laces
  • Jazz sneaker
  • Jazz boots

Most dancers like wearing slip-ons during practice. The shoes with laces are typically worn during performances. Some dancers wear jazz sneakers because it allows them to geten pointe quickly. Those with weak arches wear jazz boots because of the ankle support it gives.

These are the basic outfits jazz dancers wear. Unique costumes are only made for performances. If you are looking for the right footwear, you can check out Energetics. They have a wide range of shoes that you can use for your jazz dance lessons, practice, and performance.

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