3 Blade Chaff Cutter Buying Guide in Kenya

A chaff cutter is a special machine highly used in easing the work in the production of livestock feeds. This article highlights the chaff cutter with three blades which is cost-effective in terms of production and labor requirements.

In the modern life of technology, farmers have been looking forward to improving their production especially in livestock keeping. It is very tiresome to chop animal feeds like fodder, grass, etc. by using Pangas. That’s why a chaff cutter has made this kind of work easier and time saving. The number of blades is the one that determines the speed of production hence the chaff cutter with three blades being the highly preferred. These machines come with different prices in Kenya depending on the engine type, this article gives a glimpse of some prices.

Its Benefits

Working performance is good because they can be used to cut different types of feeds. The hardened blades can withstand pressure and resist tear and wear. They save human resources and time when cutting large amounts of feed as they are engine driven or motor driven saving energy. They reduce wastage by cutting feeds into small pieces making it easy for animals to chew as well as digest.

Material – body made of cast iron which is strong enough to support the whole machine, durable and long-lasting, the blades are made of carbon steel which is hardened.

Mode of operation – Majority of farmers are not highly skilled on how to use various farming equipment. They just need something which is easy to operate and chaff cutters are simply a one touch function that requires minimal skills.

Machine safety– belts and gears as well as delicate parts are well protected, and color codes are given to worn possible dangers.

The cost3 blade chaff cutter price in Kenya depends on the engine type i.e. diesel, petrol or electric and power capacity; horsepower, load capacity. Numerous chaff cutters sold in Kenya comes with different specifications with different prices:

Power/fuel consumption – this type of machine is highly dependable, it saves a lot to farmers. They are built with a motor capacity of 3hp to 10hp range and the engine capacity ranging between 5hp- 10hp thus saving more fuel and power.

Specifications and features

* 3 blades made of carbon steel
* Body made of cast iron which is durable and long-lasting.
* A V-belt (B-102)
* A bearing size 6205-6306
* A motor offering 1440rpm
* A wheel with an approximate diameter of 75 cm
* The machine weighs about 280 kg


* Check regularly all system components before starting any operation as per the regulations and requirements.
* Ensure all the welded parts are ok and there should be no collision at all.
* Always before using the chuff cutter ensure the bolts and nuts connecting all parts are solid.
* Ensure though lubrication of all moving parts to prevent wear.


Every single farmer wants farm machinery that has guaranteed performance and lasting one. It is therefore highly recommended that one should be more informed while going for a purchase. This is because there are many brands in the market, but one has to choose wisely to avoid setbacks from the purchased machinery. Chaff cutter just like feed chopper is affordable and it is easily available in the Kenyan market.

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