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Suppose you Google with the keyword YouTube MP3 Converter; many online converters are in your search results. Both seem to be compatible tools with a high conversion success rate, but what happens in practice? I have tried several online conversion tools and summarized the features of the online conversion tools below.

Features of online YouTube to MP3 converter tool:

  • Full of advertisements, some advertisements cannot be closed.
  • Some are not free, even if they are entirely free.
  • There is almost no one that supports resolutions above 720P.
  • More than half of YouTube links could not be parsed, and conversion failed.
  • When converted directly, the screen data was not deleted even if it was heard as audio.
  • The compression rate is high, and there is always a loss of sound quality.

So, converting YouTube videos to MP3 requires a reliable solution. In this article, we will introduce you to a very powerful YouTube downloader and MP3 converter. You can also use YouTube Downloader to download YouTube videos directly as MP3 music files, or you can use MP3 Converter Tool to avoid conversion failures and convert downloaded YouTube videos to 100% MP3.

Is the mp3 conversion site safe?

Here are many sites that can convert mp3s, but not all are safe. You may also need to be careful when using the site. If you download the file after mp3 conversion on your PC or smartphone, malicious advertisements may appear on the browser screen. For example, “Your smartphone is damaged” or “Please remove the virus.”

However, if you see a page like this, you can close the tab, and it’s okay. Please be careful not to be confused by such malicious advertisements. And be wary of viruses even after the mp3 conversion is complete. You’ll want to play offline as soon as the transformation is done, but first, scan the saved file to see if it’s infected with a virus.

Best youtube to mp3 and mp4 website yt1s

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