You can start these businesses easily in 2022

Filling out questionnaires – people’s opinion matters.

Although it may seem that you cannot earn money by filling out the questionnaires, it is actually a bit different. It is true that by filling in surveys, we will not earn millions, but by setting up a company that makes surveys available to its users (conducts market research) – the chances of satisfactory earnings are much greater! Currently, a large number of large companies, before introducing a new product or service, turn to companies that poll people. Thanks to this, it is determined whether a given product will be received as predicted – or whether people have a different opinion. Conducting market research on the Internet is possible to organize – especially if for each completed questionnaire, the respondent receives a ‘penny’ remuneration 

CBD business

If you want to explore small cities of Canada, then CBD could be a perfect fit. You can easily promote your CBD business with online promotion, you can give different products a try, weed, sativa, you can even put up Indica for sale. Don’t forget that business requires patience and love for production and the product.

Food truck – food on wheels is on top.

Having a food truck with good food is a great idea if you like to travel and cook. There are food trucks in Poland that are known throughout the country. They run around festivals, and a lot of positive opinions and a well-promoted brand mean that they do not lack customers. Some of them operate on a franchise basis available to everyone. In this business, it is very important that the car looks nice and attracts, not repels, customers. We can have our ‘permanent place’ or change the location depending on e.g. the season (summer at the seaside, winter in the mountains).

Cleaning – a business idea for everyone?

In European countries, it has been completely normal for several years to hire people who come to clean the apartment once a week. In Poland, despite the fact that people approach it differently than in Germany, for example, more and more people decide to employ this type of domestic help. As with any business, it can be tough in the beginning. With time, however, we can have a really large number of clients and hire more people to help. Cleaning is manual work, also as customers grow – eventually there will come a time when we just can’t do it ourselves. To stand out on the market, it is definitely worth being a bit pedantic. The work you do should be done very carefully so that even the most demanding client is satisfied with your services and recommends them further.

Make-up on the phone – great job for ladies.

In large cities, make-up courses and training are organized from time to time. With these skills, we can advertise ourselves as a make-up artist and provide our services during home visits. The clients are mostly women going to: weddings, photo sessions, conferences and other larger events where they want to look nice.

Nanny for special occasions 

The work is comparable to a standard nanny job, but in order to stand out on the market and provide the children with a good time, it would be useful if you would organize some interesting games. If the children like to stay with you – their parents will most likely hire you for longer

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