You can make a Cricut shadow box

A common sight in many homes is a box frame. You’re a wonderful present that can be easily customised and a wonderful way to celebrate. We’ll show you how to cut a cricutine shading box out of paper and provide you a free design to use. Cricut’s shadow boxes are simple to make, but you need to know what you want your finished product to look like. Have a general idea of what you want to include, if not everything. With Cricut, you can easily create personalised gifts that seem to be very efficient while yet being simple to make.

Paper Cuts for a Shadow Box

Cricut Design Space: Select two squares. Slightly reduce the size of one square by slicing it, leaving you with a square frame. This is the edge that holds up the many layers of the construction. You, on the other hand, want to multiply it several times. Next, begin taking images. A image like the rainbow, which has several layers, may be ungrouped in order to remove aspects that you don’t want in your final product. Remove any unnecessary portions of the image by chopping it up. Please visit LightboxGoodman for more info.

Make Star-Spangled Clouds

These cloud shapes may be combined to create a cloud backdrop with stars. Squares may also be used to construct a corner and the edges. Next, choose a star from the left side of the form bar to produce a large number of stars. To provide a little variety, resize from time to time. Now is the time to make sure the stars are happy with the position they are in above the clouds. You may change the clouds by right-clicking, selecting, and welding all the stars together. Slides over your picture and separates stars from clouds after being fused together. To produce the lower stars, choose a flip on the top bar and then flip to the bottom corner. Welding finished off the square look. Do this for each layer on the sheet of paper. To ensure that the photos in your Cricut shadow box are properly positioned, slide one picture over the other to ensure that no other images are overshadowed.

Assembling shadow boxes with the Cricut machine

Before cutting your photos, you must choose the colours you wish to use for each level. When it comes to graphic design, I believe that adding colour to the images is beneficial. This is particularly critical if you want to have your product professionally cut. Each portion should be laid down sequentially, so that the photographs are exactly the same, and then link them. They’re still cutting by hand, but it’s easier to size the cut this way. When sizing a shadow box, look for one with a lip protruding over the glass. So that you can measure the cut and the square paper frame behind the glass is hidden from view. ‘ If you’re pleased with the size, click to cut. As an option, you may also cut out a bottom square for your Cricut nursery shadow image.

Constructing A Paper Cutting Technique

It is time to purchase your supplies and begin cutting paper. Construct the picture first using the background and sticky dots or pads. To finish your Nursery Shadow box, add layers one at a time.


You may either use the box design in my sample set to make a paper frame or put it in a store-bought frame. There are two techniques to frame your own shadow design. Flip it over, remove your back, and face down the interior of the shadow box in the display frame. Make a box by cutting it off, folding the box’s edges, and glueing or taping the box’s sides. The package consists of two halves, sandwiched one within the other.


If you set your unique shadow box design in a display framework, you can add reverse light to LEDs to illuminate it and see all the layers and hues more clearly! Then there are some who stick to fairy lights. LED light stripe is a great option for me. In any case, they’ll be buried behind your cardstock. In most cases, I place my LED light strips around the frame edge to provide a uniform light distribution. As an option, if you need to hang your wire from a corner, you may cut a small hole in the cord frame. Put the back of the frame back together, connect the light, and marvel at the results.

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