Why You Should Check Out US Ghost Adventures

If you are looking for some of the best paranormal activity, you may be interested in a ghost tour. Taking a haunted tour includes going to places with an emotional and traumatic history where spirits are said to roam still today. On tours like these, you can learn the history of the area and try to experience for yourself some of the same hauntings that other visitors have experienced. One of the best-haunted ghost tours you can check out is US Ghost Adventures. There are many reasons these haunted tours are the best, and below, we will dive into why you should look into US Ghost Adventures for the most authentic ghost tours of the United States.

All About Location

One of the first reasons you should check this company out for ghost tours is all about the location. Not only are there tours all over the country available to you, but the sites you get to see and experience are there as well. For example, one ghost tour has an agenda that includes the famous Lizzie Borden House in Massachusetts. If that doesn’t have you on your toes, you can also experience the Conjuring House in North Carolina. From Williamsburg, VA, to Honolulu, you can find unique tours all over the country. US Ghost Adventures will give you the history of each location you visit and famous hauntings and their backgrounds.

Stay Overnight


If visiting the Lizzie Borden house doesn’t have you frightened enough, why not stay overnight? Another great reason to check out this ghost tour company is to book a night in this famous house to try to catch evidence of ghostly presence on your own. This company has many different tour options, including a daily tour, a nightly two-hour stay, and of course, an overnight stay. Having these options is perfect for anyone interested in the supernatural who wants to take a step back into paranormal history to try to see these ghosts for themselves.



Something that can’t be beaten when it comes to the supernatural is authenticity. That is what this company strives for. When you go with US Ghost Adventures, you will get a history lesson about each location and real-life encounters. This company isn’t here to fluff any of the stories and details how each historic event took place. Just because the tours are authentic doesn’t mean they can’t be fun. This company has found a way to bring fun to each of their tours so you can find yourself immersed in the time and get as close as possible to experiencing things firsthand. When it comes to authenticity, this company has it down, giving honest accounts of the hauntings.

Popular Spots

US Ghost Adventures knows where the best action is and has all the right spots on their tours. When you visit the Lizzie Borden House, you can see the house itself and a museum of artifacts. To add some fun, there is an escape room and ax throwing. If you travel down to the Southern part of the states, there are tours in Key West, Florida, where you can see many spots of this city’s dark past. This ghost tour company does its best to find all the most famous haunting locations and give you the history of each from all over the country. Your tour guide has all the history from when it was built to the exact dates of tragedy and the hauntings that happened in each location. So, if you want to find out for yourself, book with US Ghost Adventures and get the scare you’ve been looking for.

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