Why Hybrid Work setting is Incomplete Without Meeting Solutions

With the rise of newer and flexible perceptions towards work and offices, hybrid workplace are the need of the hour. Additionally, these advanced workplaces also ask for rethinking, re-evaluation, and reinventing our previous office space management techniques and schemes. For example, previously, meetings were conducted spontaneously in a meeting room with existing technology to promote collaboration in a closed, well-ventilated area. As the current circumstances ask for special attention to transparent sanitization routines, our old habits of using shared spaces need to be redrawn. Furthermore, the new approach needs to come from a heart of collaboration, and embrace an open room design in physical work environments. 

Nevertheless, it is also important for an employer to uphold equal standards in their virtual meeting room standards. Since employers will be moving to and fro between both physical and virtual scenarios, it would require high-performing, innovative technology to allow a seamless transition. But in order to understand the complete aspect of the existing trends, and gain insights into the relevance of a hybrid meeting room – we need to look deeper into the fundamentals of a flexible, hybrid workplace

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What does the Hybrid Work Setting Stand For?

With more than a year of businesses operating from homes, both employees and employers have expressed their reactions and measures about many aspects of our daily work life. While some of these are more on the temporary side, others are seen as a substantial plan of action, also known as the ‘new normal’. 

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Current research points out the same fact where the recent research on hybrid working says that 74% of the employees are keen to keep working from home for at least 2 days a week once the pandemic subsides. Since the rest of the days the employees are willing to come to work, it is necessary that as employers, one focuses on the right setup of the workspaces. Meeting places, on the other hand, form the very backbone of such hybrid offices, since these spaces need to make even the remote participants feel they are part of it – be it in a physical setup or a virtual one. 

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The value of cloud-based video meetings goes beyond the premises of getting tasks at hand done right. In fact, it can directly impact the productivity level of the employees. However, there are many enterprises that say that their on-premises video system had limitations as well as resiliency to support only one-tenth capacity of concurrent calls on other networks. Since the pandemic, this capacity has multiplied many fold, and employees too now have much more minutes of the meeting per day. 

Here’s how different elements play out their role in supporting different fundamentals of flexible working and facilitate collaboration:

  • Choosing the right cloud-based video conferencing tool

In the day and time of our living, we cannot imagine a workplace without video conferencing technology. From Zoom to Google Meet, some of these platforms have become a common household name in this pandemic. But there are numerous other alternatives that are perfect for different scenarios and circumstances.

For example, is one such video conferencing tool that allows the creation of a single, unique URL for every time you want to host a meeting.  

  • Identifying powerful screen sharing, collaboration app

Prior to the pandemic, employees relied on distributing shared decks of documents and files together. But when they’re at home joining in from different locations, having hard copies of documents won’t be sufficient. As an employee, you must invest in effective online collaboration tools, platforms that would make such documents shareable, accessible in between meetings; irrespective of the device.

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  • Cut-away distractions by standup meetings

Once the prerequisites are taken care of, it is important to understand that joining a hybrid meeting is trickier than it sounds. Unlike the office environment where you get a captive audience, a hybrid meeting is often more distracting because of background sounds – be it of pets or of pots dropping in the kitchen sink. While we may all agree it is funny to have your pet cat over your work desk, its tail perched up in between a video meeting, it only goes to show the importance of a revised meeting strategy in a hybrid setup. Having shorter, standup meetings with only a handful of necessary individuals can be a good way to go about it. If You Need More Information Visit hiboox

  • Look out for building interactivity and engagement

The traditional concept of meetings always had its focus on its agenda and solid decision-making. In the pre-pandemic era, almost all meetings had a phase where the information is briefed by the host in a monologue; such a single-track approach may not work in a hybrid setup. Instead, it needs to be more interactive and involved to retain their attention.  

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Evolving Together

Since the times of the industrial revolution, meetings have remained a staple to any organizational activity or business. It may undergo a transfiguration by being shorter, more efficient, but they’ll be here. In a hybrid setup, as everything is defined by a modular perspective, employers and businesses need to decide on what is more scalable, flexible, and productive at both ends. If you’re a business owner who may or may not be looking forward to scaling up your resources that can revolutionize efficiency, you can always choose coworking spaces as a great alternative to holding meetings. With their advanced tech solutions and affordable pricing, they can prove to be an effective way to get the best of both worlds. Here are some of our recommendations

Workafella, Mumbai

Located in Goregaon East in Mumbai, this modern, upscale coworking hub brings accessibility, flexibility, and affordability together. Their distinct amenities and growing community of professionals and entrepreneurs can provide you with rich insights into the market, especially if you’re starting out. 

Keyonplus, Hyderabad

This luxurious coworking space is known for its calming ambiance and vibrant community. Garnering attention from both millennials and Generation Z alike, they’re located across the city in Gachibowli, Jubilee, and Kavuri Hills. Visit The Site: f95zone

Zioks, Kolkata

Their coworking office space for rent in Kolkata comprises technologically-enabled workspaces with personal pods, office suites, meeting lounges, and more. They’re present in the industrial hub of Sector-V, Salt Lake, and are a great place to collaborate with like-minded professionals in the industry.

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