Why Do So Many People Choose to Straighten Their Teeth Using Invisalign?

Millions of teens and adults alike have chosen Invisalign to straighten their crooked teeth comfortably and discreetly. What makes Invisalign such a popular choice? Here are just five reasons to ask a dentist in Okotoks if Invisalign is right for helping you finally say goodbye to your crooked teeth.

The aligners are discreet

The words “braces” and “discreet” don’t naturally go together at all. But Invisalign is not your grandfather’s braces. Invisalign’s thermoplastic aligners are made of a clear plastic material that people won’t even notice as long as you take care of them properly. Wearing an orthodontic device to straighten your teeth is nothing to be embarrassed about, but you don’t have to advertise what you’re doing either. No one needs to know that you’re wearing Invisalign if you don’t want to let them in on your secret. Hand in hand with that, you’ll never have to experience the regrettable but all-too-real stigma associated with wearing traditional braces.

The aligners are removable

Are you taking an essential and not-to-be-missed selfie? Would you like to share an intimate moment with a loved one? Give a big speech or wow a future boss at an important job interview? As long as you keep your aligners on your teeth for 22 hours every day to keep your treatment plan on track and on schedule, you can do all these things without braces and without anything on your teeth. Invisalign’s aligners are removable. Unless you’re an orthodontist with lots of special tools, gear and time, you can’t say the same thing about wire and metal braces.

There’s one essential word of caution that you should hear on this topic before we leave the point, though. The temptation to remove your aligners will be strong, but keep in mind that they won’t work while they’re in their carrying case, on your dresser or anywhere other than on your teeth. Be sure to track the minutes you’re not wearing your aligners. You can even download an app for your smartphone to help you keep your aligners on your teeth for at least 22 hours every day.

The aligners are comfortable

Invisalign’s metal-free aligners from a dentist near you are made from a thin plastic material that fits tightly over your teeth without any feeling of bulk or slipperiness. These aligners will be crafted to fit your teeth snugly based on three-dimensional digital scans of your teeth while, at the same time, gradually shifting your teeth into new positions as you progress from one aligner to the next slightly different aligner. The aligners contain no metal and no protrusions that could irritate or poke against the soft tissues of your lips, tongues or cheeks.

You’ll be able to eat all your favourite foods

Do you remember what your friends with braces as children had to go through when eating? A lot of popular and nutritious foods are terribly inconvenient and difficult to eat with braces. With Invisalign, though, you can eat whatever you want because you’ll take your aligners out every time you eat anything. As long as you remember to brush your teeth and clean your aligners before you put them back in your mouth, you’ll be able to eat without sacrifice or restriction.

If you’d like to find out if Invisalign is right for you and, if you’re a good candidate for Invisalign near you, to have your teeth straightened comfortably and discreetly, make an appointment with a dentist in Okotoks. A dentist that provides Invisalign in Okotoks will carefully assess the current position and condition of your teeth to determine if Invisalign can help you to achieve your goals.

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