Why didn’t Michael Jackson become the patron of the big stadium?

As the EURO 2012 football tournament approached, a large stadium was built in Warsaw, the capital of Poland. The satirist from Poland was the first to propose that the king of pop music, Michael Jackson, be his patron

Michael Jackson in Poland

In 1996, Michael Jackson visited Warsaw. He gave a great concert in the Bemowo district, which was part of the HIStory World Tour. Soon after, he visited Warsaw privately. He was kindly received by fans and the authorities. He dreamed of building a great amusement park in Warsaw. These plans failed, but Jackson is still loved in Poland as well as around the world.

When a large stadium was being built in Warsaw and the sports world was preparing for the EURO 2012 football tournament, Szczepan Sadurski from, a well-known Polish satirist and caricaturist, submitted an official document. He proposed that the new sports facility be named after Michael Jackson! This proposal was immediately picked up by the media, and Sadurski was invited to TV shows. He explained why Michael Jackson should be the new patron of the stadium in Warsaw.

Only then did the owners of the stadium receive further proposals. New candidates were put forward who could become the patron of a sports facility in Warsaw. Unfortunately, the fan of the king of pop music did not have enough support. This and all other nominations were rejected.

The fastest caricaturist

Who is Szczepan Sadurski? For many years he has been creating cheerful drawings for the Polish press and illustrating books. He draws for commercials and appears in TV shows. He was a publisher for over 20 years. He created a press empire with humor. He simultaneously published 5 magazines with humor, jokes and satire.

The best-known monthly was Dobry Humor (Good Humor), which had a circulation of 200,000 in the mid-1990s. In 2001, Sadurski founded a cheerful worldwide organization – Good Humor Party. Currently, the organization has 6,000 members and many more supporters around the world. In 2012, Sadurski started an art project called Happy Skyscraper. You will find a lot of information and pictures about it on the Internet.

Currently, Sadurski is famous for creating caricatures. He is invited to corporate and private events, where he draws funny portraits. His talent was admired at over half a thousand corporate and private events in Poland. He was also invited to the USA, Australia and Europe.

In New York, the press wrote that Sadurski was one of the fastest caricaturists in the world. Today, the artist adds that he did not draw as fast as he does now!

Currently, a documentary film is being made in which Sadurski will be the protagonist. We will learn many interesting facts from his interesting life. We will see unique photos and fragments of films that have never been made public. We will find out how general Jaruzelski – the leader of the regime he headed from December 13, 1981 in Poland, reacted to the drawing of young cartoonist Sadurski.

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