What to expect from a clairvoyance session by phone?

As a psychic, I give consultations of voyance by telephone. You will find many clairvoyants to answers you this way. To guarantee a consultation that meets your expectations, a relationship of trust must be created. It is therefore important before the consultation, to make sure you consult a serious psychic. Don’t hesitate to contact the practitioner by phone to get a first opinion.

The websites of psychics are also a good way to give you a first impression of their seriousness. On my website, you will find a lot of information about clairvoyance as well as about my other practices such as numerology, astrology, tarology and many others. My goal is not only to predict your future and provide you with all kinds of predictions. I wish to lead you to ask yourself the right questions in order to solve your problems and to find an inner peace. I have therefore decided to associate this divinatory art with psychological notions.

Tarot, Pendulum, Card Drawing, Astrology: the different techniques of clairvoyance

Fortune-telling can be practiced using different spiritual techniques.

On my side, I practice the drawing of the cards with in particular the Tarot of Marseille and the Oracle of Belline. These cards allow me to do a First Name reading or a Yes/No reading. I also practice clairvoyance with the pendulum and astrology. These different techniques allow me to answer precise questions in consultation by voyance telephone.

Fortune-telling is a divinatory art that requires many years of work and concentration.  It allows you to see or hear past events or events that will occur in the future. To do this, the clairvoyant uses energies and analyzes precisely the images or voices that come to him in order to deliver the clearest possible answer. The main objective of the different media, whether it is the Tarot de Marseille, the Oracle de Belline or the pendulum, is to help the clairvoyant to decipher the predictions as well as possible.

The clairvoyance : to know more

Love, Pregnancy, Work, Money, Marriage : the most frequent themes

My many years of experience as a clairvoyant have enabled me to draw up a list of the most frequent themes of consultations. On the love side, sentimental questions concerning the couple and exes are the most frequent. Many people also call on me to find out more about their pregnancy, the arrival of a baby or the date of their delivery. Work and money are also one of the most frequent themes. Fortune-telling can also be useful to answer short-term needs such as finding a lost object for example.

I have noted these different questions and decided to list them on my website. The objective being to bring you the first elements of answer to your questions.

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