What Style Of Chair Is Best For Your Back When Working In The Office

Discover which chair you should buy for increased efficiency and productivity at work.

There are many different styles of chairs with various benefits for your office work, but which one should you choose? In this article, you can find the top chairs chosen worldwide for office hours that vary on some factors that can help you choose the one for you.

With detailed information about uses, benefits, and, in some cases, disadvantages, this article will help you make the best decision for your body.

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Saddle Chair

Saddle chairs are great for those who want to reduce spinal pressure and avoid possible spinal injury. This chair style has been seen among dentists and other physicians that spend long hours sitting and need to constantly lean forward; therefore, the back of the chair remains useless, and they become more prone to injury and muscle pain.

These chairs can correct posture, and they don’t need any adjustment, so anyone can use them regardless of their age or weight.

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Kneeling Chair

If your desk and other work materials can be adjusted to the desired height, then this chair is the best addition for your office. Kneeling chairs have been known to help correct posture at both ends, for example, pelvis and neck, helping the lower and upper parts of the body feel comfortable and far away from pain. They come with adjustable height, so those who can’t have their desks lowered are still a great addition to your space.

They are optimal for every person to use, with the only thing that might need to be changed is the height, and one of the most comfortable parts of it is that your feet don’t need to touch the floor. Although this kind of chair is widely recommended by doctors, people with knee problems are highly advised to not use it thus to prevent possible pain and injuries.

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Classic Ergonomic Chair

In almost any office, one can spot an ergonomic chair, one of Melbourne’s best office chairs. These chairs look extremely comfortable and are constantly calling to you from across the room. However, when it comes to choosing the best ergonomic chair for you to prevent injuries, muscle pain, and other body-related complications, it is essential to keep these considerations in mind:

  1. The chair should fit you. It seems a bit obvious, but the chair should fit you, meaning that it should be comfortable enough to spend long hours comfortably sitting in it. Look out for a small gap between your sides when you sit to ensure you are not squeezing your way into the furniture.
  2. Allow gaps. It is essential to choose an ergonomic chair that leaves some room for your body to sit comfortably and your blood to circulate properly. For example, a good ergonomic chair should allow you to sit back and have a few centimeters of a gap between the chair and the back of your knees, which will help your blood circulation.
  3. Opt for height-adjustable options. There are many ergonomic chairs available in the market with different styles and adjustments; therefore, you should choose a quality chair that can be easily adjusted to the desired height.

Exercise Ball

If your office allows it, another excellent chair to choose to take care of your back is an exercise ball. The famous pilates utility can also be used in offices to prevent injuries and help with pain, thus it increases muscle activity and promotes better spinal posture.

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Even though it seems like a very good option for all, there are some disadvantages worth knowing before investing in this so-called chair. It doesn’t have a height adjustment option, and after long hours of sitting it can become tiring. This chair is excellent for those who want to try something different in different parts of the day, but it won’t be suitable for strict 9-5-ers.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to comfort, everyone has different likings, but there are a few traits that most people can agree on, such as proper posture, avoiding muscle pain, and being able to sit for long hours without any injury.

The chairs shown above are great for offices but depend on the user, thus there are some exclusively for strict 9-5 hours, and others offer a more dynamic and relaxed look that can be used by those who constantly sit down and stand up.

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