Whisky is commonly known as a distilled alcoholic beverage what is made out of mashed fermented grains. The exact grains producers use to make whiskey can vary on different circumstances. Most of the time whisky grains typically get chosen from barley, corn, rye, and wheat. The process of making a signature and good quality of whiskey depends on some key factors which are mashing the grains properly and keep the temperature of the grains controlled. Next Process is fermenting the resulting liquid in a specific way in controlled environment. And lastly distilling it to increase its alcohol content level.

If you are looking for the perfect Whisky to enjoy then you can choose singleton 12. This whisky is typically aged in wooden barrels made out the white oak wood and this wood adds additional classic matured flavors and aromas to the whiskey. Depending on where it is made, whiskey can have different names and styles. SINGLETON Whisky can be enjoyed in different ways. You can easily make an enjoyable mixed cocktail using it. Its flavor can vary widely depending on the type of grain used specially and that is making it a versatile signature and popular drink around the world.

How SINGLETON 12 Y.O GLEN ORD are made:

The SINGLETON is 12 years old matured whiskey. It is a type of whiskey which has been aged in wooden barrels made out the white oak wood for at least 12 years. During this aging process the whiskey gets interacted with the wood of the barrels. It imparts to create the signature flavor, color, and aroma to our SINGLETON whiskey. As we know the longer the whiskey is aged in the barrels the more it effects on the characteristics of the taste and the more its flavor becomes enriched. The 12 years old whiskey is considered as a relatively mature whiskey. It appears with a fuller flavor and smoother than younger whiskeys.

The aging process of SINGLETON also removes the harsh flavors in order to create a smoother and mellower whiskey. The exact characteristics of our 12-year-old whiskey actually depend on the type of grain we use. Generally speaking SINGLETON 12 year’s old matured whiskey is more likely to be rich and complex with notes of caramel, oak, and sometimes a hint of smokiness.

The quality of SINGLETON 12 Y.O GLEN ORD:

The SINGLETON is a good whiskey containing a balanced flavor profile. There is not a single flavor overpowering the others. The individual flavors naturally complement each other as a result you can enjoy a harmonious taste. As you know the high quality whiskey should have a signature flavor profile and a change of note over at the time you drink it. This can come from the interaction of the whiskey with the cask during the aging process. SINGLETON has a smooth and easy flavor to drink without any harsh or unpleasant flavors. The aging process cuts out the rough edges and creates a mellower and well-rounded whiskey. SINGLETON has a distinctive flavor that sets it apart from other whiskeys.


So we want to let you know more about singleton 12 enjoy the test of it for sure. Of course the taste is highly subjective. So if you consider consuming a high-quality alcoholic beverage in this case SINGLETON whiskies then you are welcome. We would say that you should enjoy drinking our single malt whiskey. Thank you for choosing our world renounced whisky at the first place. We will be waiting for your feedbacks. Thanks again for being with us.

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