What is the CVV Code of the debit card?

What is the CVV code? What is it for and how to obtain it? In this post we will explain what the CVV code consists of, how to obtain it and its importance when making purchases online, without the need for a credit card.

What is the CVV Code of the debit card?

When you get a debit card, which allows you to manage the money in your bank account, in a more comfortable, safe and intuitive way, you only have to open a savings or checking account and in a short time a debit card will be generated that will be in your name.

The verification code of the bank card or CVV,  is useful to confirm the power of who uses the card; this is known when making purchases online (over the Internet). In addition to the card number in virtual transactions, this number is requested, which is located on the back.

The CVV is generally composed of 3 digits on Visa and Mastercard cards, which is printed on the signature band, which is located on the back of the card. The specific objective of the CVV is to increase security in the electronic operations that we carry out with the cards. These are classified into different models of applicability. But we will see that later.

CVV code

As we know, the easiest and safest way to shop online is thanks to the CVV code. This code is the Card Verification Value, according to its acronym in English, which identifies the holder of the card making the purchase, since it is printed on the plastic of the card.

When making an online purchase, you will be asked to enter this code, along with the card number or its expiration date.

Currently, there are different types of financial institutions that own and use it, but in this case, we are going to focus on the CVV sites, which has enabled their customers the option of consulting the security number of their debit or debit cards, the CVV Shop.

Every year the number of ways to defraud payment data is increasing. To our disappointment, there is no sign that this process will stop. As long as there are cards and gullible (often inattentive) users, scammers will not go anywhere. That is why it is necessary to comply with all online safety rules and use the services of trusted online stores.


CVVs are not just random numbers. Their purpose is to prevent misuse of payment data. Keep in mind that not every seller will ask for a CVV, but it is helpful to know where it is if asked to share it.

Also, pay attention to the payment aggregator that the store uses. If it’s a reliable provider with a lot of experience and a good reputation, your payment information will be safe for sure. For example, Interkassa operates in accordance with the PCI DSS certificate – the highest level of data protection. And 3D Secure technology allows you to verify users.

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