What is so special about baby formula?

So, which organic baby formula is better? We’ll discuss Bobbie, Loulouka, and Earth’s Best. Do they really contain more nutrients? Here are some facts. Neither one is more expensive than the other. Both contain more fat than most other organic formulas. The difference is in the ingredients, not in the price. But we’ll see in a moment which brands are best.


HiPP is an excellent alternative to expensive baby formulas for a number of reasons. This product is made of certified Organic’s Best ingredients, is rich in vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids, and is packed with prebiotics for better bowel movements. It is also packaged in a carbon-neutral package and is recommended by pediatricians and parents alike. You can find HiPP at most grocery stores.

The only major difference between the two is the amount of sugar in each. HiPP and Holle both use lactose, which is the most expensive ingredient. Holle, however, uses maltodextrin, a plant-based sweetener. Little World Organics also offers a formula with lactose, called Lebenswert. While both formulas are priced similarly, the only difference is the brand.

Earth’s Best

HiPP makes an amazing range of premium organic baby formulas. These formulas are based on an organic cow or goat milk and are enriched with vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids. They are also free from palm oil, maltodextrin, preservatives, and artificial ingredients. For the safest baby food, you should talk to your pediatrician about the safety of your baby’s formula before purchasing it.

Holle: This Company specializes in biodynamic farming and has become one of the leading brands of organic baby food in Germany. Holle baby formulas contain only the best ingredients and have earned the Demeter certification, the highest organic standard in Europe. It also carries a biodegradable label. If your child is allergic to any of these ingredients, you can choose another brand of baby food.

Bobbie carries Bobbie, a nonfat milk formula that is certified by the USDA and meets EU requirements. Its ingredients list is shorter than European formulas, which are more expensive, and it does not include certain “extra” nutrients or minerals. In addition, Bobbie is gluten-free. However, you should consider the price. You should be able to find a comparable product for less than twice the price at another online store.

HiPP is a reputable brand of organic baby formula. It carries a variety of formulas, including special milk for babies with digestive problems or an organic formula with no corn or soy. Another organic brand is Lebenswert, which bears the Bioland label. This label is one of the strictest private organic certifications, ensuring high standards for animal husbandry, organic farming, and environmental awareness. Both brands are high-quality and are worth the price.


ByHeart makes its own baby formula and sells it at for around $1.80 per ounce. Its ingredients include organic whole milk, which contains the fat globule membrane naturally present in the milk. It also includes hydrolyzed whey, prebiotics, and DHA at levels that are comparable to those found in European formulas.


There are some differences in the quality of store-bought infant formula. Walmart formula, for instance, has more nutrients than organic stuff. And it’s cheaper! Walmart’s formula also contains ingredients found in higher-end brands. Some of these ingredients are harmful or disruptive to your baby’s health. For example, Walmart formula is formulated with partially hydrolyzed whey protein, which is easier for your baby to digest than intact milk proteins.

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