What are the Best Places for Entertainment in Western Sydney?

Sydney can get confusing, given its behemoth size. But, with such scale comes diversity and options! Whether you’re looking for entertainment, clubs, restaurants, or just a good time, there is something for everyone. So, to help you find the best places for entertainment in Sydney, we did quite some research and found out that one doesn’t have to look far.

Western Sydney has it all!

The following are some of the best hangout spots:

  1. Bar and Grill Water View – Offering a warm and welcoming ambience, Bar and Grill Water View Restaurant offers great contemporary dining options. The food is crafted from fresh and sustainable produce obtained from some of the best Australian suppliers. Apart from being appreciated for their seasonal menu and a vast refreshment and cocktail list, they are also famous for their outstanding customer service and assistance.

Head chef Adrian Hofman prides himself on being one of the torchbearers of the evolution of the Australian food industry. He works efficiently behind the scenes to offer the guests some of the best meats and seafood there is. Open all days of the week and located at 214 Silverwater Road, this superb restaurant tops our list of bar and grill restaurants in Silverwater.

  1. Okami – Located at 53 Beaconsfield St in Silverwater, it is an All-You-Can-Eat restaurant. For admirers of Japanese cuisine, Okami gets fresh traditional Japanese food right in the west of our Capital.

A scrumptious meal here costs $36.80 per person and is discounted for senior citizens by 4 dollars. Pricing for children varies but those under the age of 3 can eat for free. It is open for dinner on all days except Tuesdays, and lunch and dinner both are available on Sundays. Public holidays carry a surcharge of 15% and you could also bring your own bottle by paying a 5$ corkage. BYO is applicable only for wines and champagne and other bottles of alcohol are not allowed.

  1. Brunch Café and Grill – This chic café was shortlisted for the 2020 local business awards. In addition to a wide scope of choices from dessert to entrée, they also have exciting breakfast options, burgers, wraps, pasta, dumplings, salads and all things delicious. They have some really exquisite tasting coffee to serve, made from perfectly roasted Toby’s Estate coffee beans. Their friendly staff makes for a welcoming atmosphere where all customers feel at home.

The cafe is conveniently located at G06/Clapham Road, Sefton and is the perfect place for families. There is something for everyone, so if you re a group with different choices and flavour preferences, Brunch Cafe has you sorted.

  1. Sydney Disc Golf Club – Open all days from 9:00 in the morning to 5:00 in the evening, this is a sporting club that supports and encourages disc golf across the Sydney Metropolitan area. Disc golf is an upcoming and interesting sport that encourages exercise and makes one forget about their electronic devices while having great fun with friends and family. To play this new sport one needs the skills of throwing a frisbee accompanied by basic competence in playing traditional ball golf.

Located at 1 Jamieson St, Silverwater, this golf club is another one of our favourite places to hangout in Silverwater during the daytime. The club offers memberships from January to December each year and anyone is welcome to join. Entry is free for monthly social events.

  1. Riverside Theatres – These theatres come highly recommended as one of the best places for entertainment in Sydney. They are located on the banks of the River Parramatta in Sydney and therefore aptly named, the Riverside Theatres is Western Sydney’s leading performing arts centre. Both young and old enjoy more than 1,000 events held annually. They have 3 venues that host these events and offer different seating options for different sized acts. The venue can host a range of events from small corporate gatherings to large scale international acts and musicals. One can choose to watch feature films, documentaries, art films, and foreign language films depending on one’s personal preference.

Located in between the Corner Church and Market Streets, they also have a cinema on demand for schools. Before enjoying the evening theatre, one can indulge in a scrumptious dinner at their restaurant and lounge with complimentary parking.

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