What are the accessories you need to stock in your caravan?

People are always exploring functional enhancements that might make life easier and more fun on the highway. It might be tough to decide which of the many brilliant gadgets and gizmos on the market are the finest. Here are some of the must-havcaravan accessories for your trip, as ranked by Australian campers!

Electric Brake Controller

When towing, use an electric brake controller to stay safe. The electric brake controller is installed on your tow vehicle and provides an electric charge to the caravan’s electric brakes to activate them. The majority of these controllers are extremely simple to install and operate, and they may even be managed remotely using your smartphone and the in-car remote!


Every seasoned camper understands the importance of not relying on campsite WiFi. If you plan to be on the road for an extended period, you’ll need a more stable connection, especially if you’re streaming films and communicating with family and friends. A wireless router kit is useful in this situation.

Mirrors for Towing

Mirrors for towing are not a choice; they are required for efficient caravan driving. When towing a heavy car, driving on main roadways is quite dangerous. Towing mirrors help eliminate blind spots by allowing you to see the full length of the caravan.


The last thing anyone requires is to get stranded with a dead battery in the heart of nowhere. That’s why a jump starter is more than just a necessary caravan addition; it’s also one of the most vital pieces of emergency gear you can have.

Kit for First Aid

You can never say when an emergency will occur on your trips, so keep a first aid kit with you at all times. The first aid package has you covered if you have to extract a splinter after gathering wood for the fire or require an ice pack right away after a troublesome red ant bites the kids.

A fire extinguisher

On a caravan or weekend getaway, it’s always best to be safe than sorry, particularly when campfires are involved! In emergencies, make sure there is an extinguisher on hand.

Upgraded Mattress/Mattress Topper

Basic caravan mattresses are a disaster. They’re not the best option for long-term travel. You might be able to sleep on them for a weekend or a holiday, but not for long lengths of time. Depending on your specific interests, there are numerous goods worth checking out.

Whiteboard with Magnets

Magnetic whiteboards are ideal for jotting down notes at the campsite, grocery store, and other sites of interest on your trip. You can also keep your grocery list, information on caravan sites, tourism flyers, and any bills you need to pay in these spots.

Quickly Drying Towels

These items are an incredible asset to any caravan’s accessories. There’s nothing worse than having damp towels in the caravan. While on vacation, you may not have enough space or time to dry the bath towels. If you need them, you can use them as beach towels. Many companies manufacture quick-drying towels. Many of them are made of problematic microfibres. Some are created from even more contentious materials, such as repurposed bottles and yarn. Make sure you do your research to find the best style and brand for you.

Keep a list of the caravan accessories you’ll need with you before travelling in your caravan, and talk to experienced travellers! With these requirements intact, remember to have a good time!

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