It is entirely possible to cheat at slot machines, although with the increase of cases of cheating, slot machine owners and managers have now begun to leave an eye open for such practices – play Beehive Bedlam.

Whether it is the use of magnet or the persistent use of fake coins to trick at slot machines, the lucrative slot machine business has repeatedly witnessed these cases without any form of respite in view.


1. The use of Counterfeit Currencies

Gamers use counterfeit currency like shaved coins and fake coins to accomplish their aim. These coins can come in metal or plastic and are well carved to look exactly like the original in size, shape and weight. Fabricating this fake currency cost gamers more compared to when the actual coins are being utilized but they don’t consider this cost together with the risk of being caught.

2. The use of Yo-yo cheat

This cheat has a classic technique, and if it clicks as planned, you are cashing out big time.

Here, the player uses a string, ties it to the hole drilled into the coin and pops it into the idn 99 slot machine. The coin prompts the commencement of the game, once the game begins, the player takes out the coin using the string. This cheat allows the scammer to play without losing any cash.

3. Using Cheat Codes

The authorities in charge of gambling or the gaming industry are at the forefront to make sure games are fairly played. Therefore, coding Engineers are being employed to help fix codes that are made accessible only to owners that can help deliver quality and fraud-free games.  What happens when Engineers alters trust for their selfish interest?

A record of this happening from the Nevada gaming commission about Ronald Dale Harris an Engineer who compromised code and cheated for years since he knew the source codes. He was apprehended in 1995 after his partner in crime had a big win of $100,000 on the keno game.

4. The use of Bill Validator Device

Here, a device is attached to the bill to trick the slot machine. When successful, the slot machine documents the acceptance with a disguise of $100 when it is received $1. This means that the original amount inserted is dubiously multiplied using the attached bill and the slot machine reads it as a huge amount.

5. The use of Software Glitch

This trick has been used by players in decades to cash out. The trick has a particular pattern to which games are at stake. Players use a software cheat to confuse the slot machine and in turn, triggers the glitch to pay out the jackpot. Sometimes, when it’s a heavy jackpot, it calls attention to be looked into if fraud or scam is sensed, players are not just unpaid but jailed too.

Final Thoughts

All machines are susceptible to glitches are slot machines are not exempted. You can have your way through if luck shines on you, although there are no guarantees.  If you want to win at playing joker123 motobola slots, it’s better to develop a system that works for you and put it to action. While you, remember to have fun while playing. The Modern Coffer of Information

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