Want to Convert CBD into Delta 8? Know-How You Can Do It!

No doubt, finding a match similar to CBD flowers is difficult; moreover, what makes it unique is how it can be consumed in numerous ways. Yes, there are several different kinds of ways in which you can consume a CBD flower to ensure that you obtain maximum benefits. However, do you know about a new member that was recently added to the cannabinoid family? Well, it is the Delta 8 THC. 

After hearing about this new species added to the family of cannabinoids, you must be thinking about whether you can convert Delta 8 into CBD flower or not. Keep reading to find out more about it. 

Nothing can be more extraordinary if you get to obtain the benefits of CBD flower along with the effects of Delta 8. Who is not aware of CBD? It is one of the most favorite cannabinoids of all time. It has been a popular choice among people for several years now, and people are all amazed to use this wonderful compound that offers numerous benefits. Moreover, despite being so beneficial and popular among the users, Delta 8 cannabinoid is outshining the usual CBD within a few days of its release. 

Health Benefits of Delta 8 

With Delta 8, you get to obtain all the benefits of THC, and the best part of consuming it is that you get fewer and mild side effects. Let us go through a few health benefits of Delta 8 that it offers to the users to make the most of their consumption. 

  • It improves the appetite of a person. 
  • It can relieve chronic pain. 
  • Is effective on stress and anxiety. 
  • Delta 8 possesses neuroprotective properties. 
  • Help reduce pain. 
  • Less paranoia is induced after consuming Delta 8 THC.

Coming to our original question, whether you can convert CBD into Delta 8. 

Things You Need and The Process

You will require a few things to carry out the process of converting CBD into Delta 8. They are CBD flower, Distillate, Kief, terpenes, spray gun, and a rotating mixer. 

You can accomplish your goal in a few steps. They are listed below: 

  • Preparing the flower: The process starts with preparing the flowers. Your goal is to remove the stem, and for that, you will have to cut the flower. The stalks present make the Kief useless. Therefore, you should remove the branch so that the D8 spray doesn’t go to waste. 
  • Prepare to Distillate: The distillate is too dense, and hence you should avoid using it. Stir the contents properly by shaking the bottle. You can choose to add terpenes if you want to. 
  • Time to spray: To apply the distillate, you will have to keep the flower in a mug. You should pay attention when spraying and ensure that it is poured evenly. 
  • Applying the kief: This is the last step to apply the kief properly on your flower. You will have to wait for six hours till the flower dries and then you can use it. 

The Bottom Line

Carry out the entire process efficiently to obtain Delta 8 out of CBD. 

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