Vaping – A Step in the Right Direction

So you’ve made the healthy choice to quit smoking and are opting to vape instead.  Good news for you, there is a lot of easily found information to assist you on your new journey.  These days, you can even find vaping experts through many Stop Smoking services.  Even better news, all of the resources are geared towards helping you succeed!  In no time at all, you will on the path to a healthier you.  In addition to being healthier for you, vaping is also healthier for those around you as secondhand vapor contains the same amount of carcinogens as the air we most commonly breathe.

With any new journey, there is always some hesitancy.  Trust me when I say, you can do this.  Follow those who’ve already made the change.  You can find blogs, forums, and YouTube videos with tips and tricks for beginners to experts alike.  And the best place to start any adventure is with positivity in mind.  Find someone to follow with who you feel a connection.

Now to begin.  You can find a plethora of vape options at the local super vape store, online or locally.  Just like with cigarettes, it may take some time to find the right vape brand for you.  Some enjoy the Juul brand while others opt for something different.  No matter the brand, you will be able to find a starter kit for you to try things out.  It’s important to start out with a vape that makes sense to you.  If the vape has too many buttons or a guidebook that reminds you of school textbooks, it might not be the best one to start with.

Most new vapers like to start out with tobacco or menthol flavors.  This makes the transition from smoking to vaping an easier one as you’re still getting the flavors you’re used to.  Starting with these flavors also allows you to get used to the process of vaping without too many changes from the start.  Once you get used to the process you can experiment with the hundreds of flavors on the market.

One of the biggest mistakes first-time vapers make is they vape like a smoker, and not like a vaper.  Vaping requires long, slow, and steady breaths.  It requires you to slow down, which is actually a good thing.  Knowing it’s a bit of a slower process, helps you be present when you feel the nicotine and truly enjoy the moment.  The act of vaping can almost be described as meditative for some.  As you can vape in more places than you can smoke, you also don’t have to worry about getting your nicotine in quickly, you have the chance to take it slower.

A good rule of thumb when starting out is to start slow and get used to the new process.  Be open to trying new flavors, and different types of vapes.  Be okay with asking questions, and be ready to learn something new.  Every time you choose to vape over smoke, you’re taking a step in the right direction.

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