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Using Instagram Stories To Increase Your Reach

Millions of users watch Instagram stories, the count reaching 500 million plus. Stories are the most watched feature on Instagram. Instagram stories are a great way to promote any product or service and even help your content get maximum engagement and likes. A survey reported that there have been 59% users who bought stuff after seeing it in stories. Clearly stories help a great way in influencing one’s choice and selling products. If you want to reach out better to your audience, Instagram stories are the best spot to place content. And if you want to make your profile look more popular fast, you can buy Instagram followers cheap as this can help increase your reach.

Not only can you draft new stories but also download and re-use popular stories and content that is already designed to publish onto your profile. Instagram stories act as a rich source of ideas and inspiration for your website. You can download already created stories and use it for your website to entice the similar effect. This helps you save the extra effort plus get more interested customers. Instagram Visual tricks does not allow you to download stories but you can use StoriesIG to download stories and reuse them for better results.

How does StoriesIG work?

StoriesIG is a third-party application that enables you to download and save stories directly into your gallery anonymously and safely. You can use the StoriesIG app or use the software from the official website of StoriesIG. The software helps you view and download stories anonymously. Hence you can download the stories freely and re-use them to craft content. Just launch the StoriesIG app or website and in the field enter the username whose story you wish to download, tap on the story link and press the download button to save it to your gallery.

How to download Instagram stories anonymously?

Instagram stories are one of the most popular Instagram formats, and they are used by millions of companies all over the world to tell their stories. In addition, there are several limits to using it. For example, you will be unable to download Instagram Stories if you use the Instagram app’s native app.  The Story Downloader was built to assist users in downloading Instagram stories in an anonymous manner as a result of this development.

When using, you will need the Instagram username of the Instagram account whose stories you wish to download before you can begin downloading them. On the webpage, type the username into the text field and press the Enter key. All of the IG stories for that person will be shown, along with download options for each of the stories. It doesn’t get much simpler than this to download Instagram stories.

How to improve your reach through Instagram stories?

  1. Re-publish stories of your users to build trust: In order to reach out better and gain customers you need to gain the trust of customers. People are generally hesitant when buying something online. Publishing positive reviews from your customers help build that trust and provide your brand authenticity. Download the stories of your customers through StoriesIG and add them to your stories and posts to let other people confer your business better.
  1. Add engagement elements to your story: The best way to entice engagement on your profile is by providing ways to communicate with your users through live stickers, contests and debate. This even helps you confer the type of content and products your audience is interested in. Adding polls and questions to your stories helps people tell their choices. You can even open your stories for questions to solve user issues.
  1. Add a shopping sticker to your story: The shopping sticker on Instagram stories is a sticker that helps you put up the best 2 – 4 products of your business on your profile. Put up your best products in this sticker along with a link to your profile or website. This helps maximum reach and swipe on your services, increasing your traffic and sales.
  1. Re-share stories from your community: Re-sharing stories of people from your community helps you build and grow together. Not only do you get content from those profiles but you also get to attract their When they mention you in their stories, this helps you grow together and build trust and authenticity. If you need more free views and likes on your Instagram stories and want to increase your reach, why not try using sponsored services like FluidBuzz where you can get free Instagram likes.
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