Top 5 Reasons You Should Consider Getting Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy is not a new treatment and is one of the most common dental services in Hinsdale. It has been used for centuries to save natural teeth and replace missing teeth. The basic procedure is an operation in which a dentist removes all or part of the tooth’s nerve, decontaminates and disinfects the remaining pulp chamber, and then fills it with a material that will not cause pain or other discomforts.

Let us now see into the top 5 reasons you should consider root canal therapy.

  • Persistent tooth pain

If you are suffering from tooth pain even after medications prescribed by the dentist, it is time to talk to your doctor about root canal therapy. A root canal procedure can be done on any tooth, regardless of its location. This will help eliminate the pain and discomfort that you have been experiencing for such a long time.

  • Sensitivity to hot and cold

If you suffer from sensitivity to hot and cold, root canal therapy is the best procedure to treat this condition. This sensitivity can be due to a cavity or infection inside the teeth. Root canal therapy removes the infected debris inside your teeth and makes your teeth resistant to sensitivity.

  • Broken teeth

If the tooth has a cavity, which has caused an infection, it is time for you to go in for root canal therapy. The neighboring teeth may also be affected as the roots of all the teeth are interconnected. A good dentist will tell you if root canal therapy can be performed on a broken tooth or not. If not, then you can opt for tooth extraction and then replacement by using a dental implant. 

  • Tooth discoloration

If a tooth is discolored, it could be due to the presence of a stain or the presence of any cavity. Root canal therapy will help remove all the harmful debris from inside and outside the tooth and will make sure that there is no infection in your tooth. 

  • Swollen gums

If you have swollen gums, it is time to go in for root canal therapy. It will help reduce the swelling and thus reduce the pain. You can even get the procedure done if there is swelling due to trauma or injury. A root canal procedure will help your gums become healthy and strong again.

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