Top 5 Real Estate Duplex Apartments In Mumbai

You may have a desire to live in a single-family home. But, many times living in a city with a dense population and with the prices of real estate skyrocketing does not help make your dream come true. You may opt for a duplex apartment in case you are keen to have a single home but cannot go for the same for certain reasons.

What is a Duplex Apartment?

By definition, a duplex apartment is two homes within the confines of a single home. It has two separate units inside the same building. A common wall binds the units, but there may be varied floor plans.

In many cases, the two homes are stacked one upon the other or, sometimes, they may be adjoined side by side. Entrances to the units are separated, and there is no internal connection between the two units.

A duplex gives you the look and feel of an independent house. At the same time, it is an upgrade on an apartment. Duplex apartments offer you the pleasure of living in a single family home within an apartment. In other words, duplex apartments are as compact as a flat, at the same time protecting your privacy like an independent house.

Which are the Top 5 Duplex Apartments in Mumbai?

Mumbai has seen a scarcity of space; with increasing demand from the aspiring sections of society to own a home, duplex apartments have become a trend. Duplex apartments provide the perfect foil to fill the gap of expectancy.

Let us have a look at the top five duplex apartments in Mumbai in the table given below:

Sl. No. Realtor Name Project Name Locality Area Price (Rs.) Amenities
1 Garodia Group Garodia Girivan Shivkunj Plot No. 990 and 991/1 to 5, Chembur 1854 Sq. feet 6.49 crores Close proximity to good schools, hospitals, offices and banks
2 Dhaval Developers Dhaval Sunrise Orlem 2B, Phase 3 CTS No. 438A, 438B at Borivali, Malad West 1166/1193 sq. feet 2.68-2.75 crores Schools, shopping malls, movie theatres, hospitals and Mumbai metro station is nearby this project
3 Orbit Corporation Ltd. Orbit Haven Darabsha Lane, Breach Candy, Near Clinical Diagnostic Centre 6000 sq. feet 57.6 crores Facilities are available for indoor games, amphitheater for movies, day care centre for working parents, gym and swimming pool.
4 Ahuja Constructions Ahuja Linkpark Behind Navneet Motors, Opp. Movie Time Theater, Off Link Road, Malad West 1673 sq. feet 2.94 crores Property offers air conditioned lobby, along with immediacy to schools, banks, shopping malls
5 DB Realty Radius ABIL Off. N.Dharmadhikari Road, Near Navjeevan Vidyamandir 2261/3374 sq.feet 8.1 to 10.17 crores It has a social space specially meant for the elderly along with a swimming pool, gym etc.

Are Home Loans Available for Duplex Apartments:

Yes, home loan facilities are also available like any other house property for duplex apartments. All financial institutions, banks, and non-banking finance companies alike, offer loans for duplex apartments. The availability of home loans for duplex apartments makes purchasing such property easier for the potential buyer.

Before you embark upon purchasing the duplex apartment, it is always advisable to check the rate of interest that is going to be borne by you through EMI’s. In order to ascertain your liability, the easiest way is to access the official website of any lending institution, or an investment advisor. Everybody has embedded a home loan EMI calculator on their sites. Just by entering basic credentials like the loan amount that you desire to take along with the tenor shall show the EMI along with the home loan interest rates. This will help you compare the different institutions and go for the loan scheme that suits you the best.

The above table shows the top of the line duplex houses that are currently available in Mumbai. Your lender’sl home loan schemes can make your dream come true. Lenders provide affordable home loan rates starting from 9.25% and you may apply online for the same. Loan processing by these top lenders is also very customer friendly. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead with a duplex of your choice with the help of your preferred lender’s housing loan.

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