Top 5 Platforms: Where to Advertise Your Books at absolutely Minimum or no Cost

Book promotion is perhaps one of the greatest concerns of emerging authors around the world. Know top 5 websites where to advertise your books easily.

Most authors these days find promoting the books tougher than even writing a book. That happens due to the competitive marketplace with numerous emerging authors and new books being published every day. That is why publicizing these books through advertisements is crucial to garnering more attention from potential readers. While there are many book promotional websites, the pricing system for every website is drastically different based on the services and offers.

If you are an emerging author yourself, perhaps you are already looking for platforms where to advertise your books? Here is a list of the top 5 platforms to publicize, advertise and promote your book with a little budget.

1. Bookscrit

It is one of the leading book promotional websites that offer high-quality promotional packages at a budget-friendly pricing system. With its experience and knowledge in the field, the author enhancement packages offered by this platform are truly fruitful and capable of offering organic exposure from the niche industry and reader base around the world. Offering content marketing, social media promotion, and sponsored ad promotion; all the packages offered by this agency is authentic, effective, and unbelievably reasonable. All of the promotional packages offered by this company fall within the budget of $30 to $50. There is an option to generate an Author Media Kit as well.

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2. Meetup

This is a social networking portal that helps to find millions of groups and communities around the world based on particular demographics who might actually like your book. The platform allows finding individuals or joining groups who share common interests in games, politics, movies, music, books, pets, and so on. It is the perfect platform to hit the right audience base since you are able to find the readers based on their interests.

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3. Reader’s Circle

This organization thrives to strengthen the bond between the readers and the authors with its nonprofit platform. It helps to connect the readers with the local book stores, literally clubs and salons, reading groups s, and so on. Having a strong presence in the UK and the US, this platform has a listing of more than 1000 book clubs. The users are able to find the groups in the area by putting the zip code in the search bar. It is a perfect social platform to create your own book forum.

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4. GuideStar

If your book is oriented on a nonprofit subject matter, promotes a cause, or is based on some socially concerning topic; perhaps this is the best platform to promote your book. This is a free online website for charities and nonprofit organizations where users are able to find through dedicated categories like Art, Culture & Humanities, Health, Human Services, Education & Research, Religion, and many others. There is a chance to get involved in book sales and speaking engagements where you will be able to sell in bulk through beneficial events.

5. Bublish

This platform empowers emerging authors and turns them into entrepreneurs by helping them with DIY approaches. The services offer a creative platform for authors to write, create, edit, design, and publish their books with complete guidance. It also offers ample opportunities for distribution to let global readers know about the book. It is an all-in-one platform highly recommended for all. The new users can enjoy a 14-day free trial.

All of the websites mentioned above are perfect for emerging authors and independent writers. The free publicity on these websites can be a great benefactor for the betterment of your career as an author. Try to spend at least 15-30 minutes publicizing your book and you will be amazed by the response and the growing organic popularity of yours.

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