Top 3 Hotels in Los Angeles With Free Wi-Fi!

One of the most frustrating things for guests is paying for Wi-Fi. The Internet has become a basic necessity to live our day-to-day lives, so much so that paying for it alongside your hotel package doesn’t make sense. And the worst thing that can happen is getting stuck with no internet access at all because your hotel doesn’t’ offer a free Wi-Fi service! Doesn’t that sound ridiculous?

What do you look for when you’re booking a hotel? Which hotel amenities matter the most to you? Amenities are important to make your stay as enjoyable as possible. It redefines the guest experience. So you’re not looking for a place to crash at, you want to feel at home and relax even while traveling. Just like having a mini-bar, an HD TV, a hairdryer, a coffee kit, extra towels, free parking, etc. getting access to free Wi-Fi in your hotel is equally important.

Why Free Wi-Fi Is Important When ‘Hotel Booking’

Let’s be honest. The world is thriving on connectivity and having to pay to connect with your family, friends, and colleagues online in this digital age seems no less than ridiculous. This is why hotels should offer free Wi-Fi to their guests.

  • Stress-Free Communication

Access to free Wi-Fi allows guests to stay in touch with their loved ones at all times. From sharing stories and pictures on their social media to hopping on a video call with their friends and family, free hotel Wi-Fi access allows you to unwind, relax and connect, even when miles away!

  • Business Meetings

With people working remotely nowadays, hotels accommodate people working and traveling at the same time. Business travelers staying at hotels for the night need Wi-Fi access to prepare, work and connect with colleagues and clients without leaving their room.

  • Escape Data Charges

Roaming charges are heavy and international travelers suffer while using the internet on their smartphones.  Free Wi-Fi in hotels helps the guest avoid incredibly high roaming charges. They’re able to save more and enjoy their trip without worrying about the huge internet bill by the end of the day. If you really need to use the internet on roaming, you can rely on Spectrum bundles or plans that the hotel has subscribed to so it cuts you some slack and save you a few bucks on roaming.

  • Trip Planning

With free Wi-Fi access, guests can easily look up the main attractions of the city, opening timings of places, and fun activities nearby – all within seconds. On-trip planning becomes a lot easier when you can access the internet and retrieve important information quickly.

Hotels with Free Wi-Fi in Los Angeles

If you’re traveling to Los Angeles soon, or need a staycation in one of the finest hotels of the city, then you’ve come to the right place. This list is a brief preview of the most highly-rated hotels in the City of Angels.

Sheraton Gateway Los Angeles Hotel

This beautiful hotel is right in the middle of popular cafes, restaurants, shopping centers, and casinos and offers a range of amenities like free Wi-Fi access in all rooms and public spaces, to-go breakfast, restaurants and bars, a fitness center and outdoor pool, dry cleaning services to name a few, which make your guest experience a 10 out of 10. It lands a 4/5 on Expedia making it a worthwhile option for your stay!

InterContinental Los Angeles Downtown

Along with providing comfortable, clean, and spacious rooms of all sizes, this hotel also offers an incredible range of amenities including free Wi-Fi access in all public spaces and rooms of the hotel, making it the perfect pick for your next staycation! It boasts a 4.4/5 on Expedia, so what are you waiting for? Make your next stay in Los Angeles the best one with InterContinental as your hotel!

Mama Shelter Los Angeles

You will find Mama Shelter right in the heart of the entertainment district in the City of Angels. From popular landmarks and attractions like Universal Studios Hollywood and Capitol Records Tower to offering a rooftop terrace with free Wi-Fi service, Mama Shelter is bound to make your hotel stay an enjoyable one! The staff is super welcoming so be worry-free about your needs being met! And guess what? It landed a whopping 4.3 out of 5 on Expedia.

Wrapping It Up

Finding a hotel in Los Angeles with free Wi-Fi service as the most basic amenity is easier than ever now! These top 3 hotels will make your living experience even better with everything they have to offer. Don’t forget to check them out the next time you’re in LA!

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