The Latest Trends In Interior Design For Men’s Rooms

Having a well-decorated space is the mark of a competent adult. Whether you’re a fresh-faced young man moving into your own space or redecorating your room, these ideas can help. 

Although some may imagine plain hangouts for men, replete with minimal furniture and no decor. This doesn’t have to be the case. Some men prefer having areas evolved into polished and stylish settings without sacrificing comfort.

Some men like having space that is decorated but definitely masculine in appeal. With that in mind, let’s look at the latest trends in Interior designers In Kochi for men’s rooms for ideas on decor.

Choose to Display Your Hobby Gear

There is nothing more attractive than a man with a passion. It doesn’t matter what your hobby is. If you enjoy collecting sports memorabilia, watching TV shows, or biking or anything really. You can choose decor that reflects your interest. 

Display your favorite memorabilia to set your room as a cut above the rest. If you have eclectic hobbies, you can use them to arrange a display. 

Pick Leather Accessories 

There’s nothing that makes a space feel more tactile and masculine than leather. When choosing leather objects, you need to go for vintage pieces as they hold the most appeal. 

With a little maintenance you can keep your furniture as fresh and as good as new. You can use textures to complement your leather furniture. 


You can also make it more approachable with a casually thrown afghan or quilt and a few throw pillows. 

Choosing the Right Art Decor

It’s often the hallmark of a man living in a space that the walls are barren. If you’re looking to impress your friends, family or that special someone, invest in Wall art

You can choose trendy mancave wall art, contemporary paintings and photos that showcase your interests. You can also look into buying sculpture. That brings vibrancy and life to your space. If you want to add a homey touch, put up pictures of friends, family and loved ones around your home. 

You can also put up posters of your favorite artist or player. If you’re looking to hang them on your walls, get a proper frame. It adds a lot of character to the room. 

If you want to be bold select an entire wall and get a mural. This can be in line with your interests or dedication to your favorite things. 

Another thing you can do to make your space appear larger than it is, is to add a mirror. 

If you’re a tactile and sensual person, you can go for scented candles. There is a wide array of scents and options foe scented candles. You can light them when you’re relaxing, with music playing in the background. You can light them before you have guests over for a pleasant and welcoming experience. 

Add Indoor Plants

Plants can help make your space seem less sterile and more lived in. Get leafy and green plants to make your space appear teeming with life. 

If you think living plants are hard to care for, then get fake plants. It would be advisable to also get a few low-maintenance living plants. 

Opt for Rugs

Your floor tends to be one of the more neglected places. To combat this, you can use Rugs and carpets to make the space more finished and put together. 

There is no better way to dress up a room than with a rug. Depending on your decor you can go for colorful rugs. Rugs with soft textures or bold patterns that offer a contrast to your minimalist space. 

Finding the Right Color Palette 

A color palette for a man’s room doesn’t have to be dull or boring. You can embrace a wide variety of colors and make it work for you. 


You can work with a neutral palette full of whites, tan, or darks like navy blue and black. Gray is a gorgeous medium for those looking for balance. 

This creates the appearance of gravitas and elegance. 

Follow the Theme 

If you’re a little lost on what to do for decor, then you need to use the themed approach. 

You can decide on a theme for your space. You can decide on the basis of your interests or your hobbies. You can follow this theme with your color palette, with your furniture, and the choices for wall art.  

One thing you should remember is that decor is not just some placeholder activity. It’s about conveying your personal sense of style and choices. A chance to curate your day to day living experience. 

You need to put in a lot of thought and effort into making your living space a thoughtful and restive place. These home decor ideas should get you started on your journey towards introspection and personal development. They also serve as a decent scrap book of ideas as well. 

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