The Best Diapers of 2022: What You Need to Know

It is 2022, and we have options. We no longer have to settle with the options at the store. There are so many companies now that are available online that are doing things better than the big name companies.If you are tired of the diapers you have been using or are about to have your baby then you do not want to miss the best diapers of 2022. 

Chemical Free

Over the last several years there has been a major shift in wanting more natural options that are free of harsh chemicals. You may not have considered diapers to be something that could have harmful chemicals in them, but that is simply not the case. Most big name brand diapers are made out of components that can expose your little one to cancer causing chemicals like formaldehyde, phthalates, dioxins, mercury, and lead. To put it simply, our kids deserve better. We are putting diapers on the most innocent, sensitive, and precious people and they should not be exposed to such things, especially so early in life.

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Diapers should be tested and proven to be free of these harsh chemicals. Dermatologists should prove that they are safe and gentle enough for the freshest skin. We need to be able to trust in the companies that are making things for our children that they are making products that are safe for them. 

More Absorbent

If your child is prone to blowouts, is a heavy wetter, or has to be changed through the night then it might be time to invest in some better diapers. Some companies do make overnight diapers specifically to be able to go longer stretches without needing to be changed. They have better moisture wicking technology to keep moisture off of your babies skin and keep them feeling dry all night long. Some babies may need to wear a heavier absorbent diaper so they are able to stay dry all day without having leaks. The diaper needs to lock in moisture so there are no compression leaks as the baby moves around. Another benefit to a more absorbent diaper is less blowouts, less leaks, and less laundry. If your baby is waking during the night because they are uncomfortable, it may be time to splurge on a good night’s sleep for everyone with some better diapers.

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You can know if a company is proud of their ingredients, processing, and lab testing by the way they advertise their product. If a company goes through the trouble to get special testing and lab work done on their diapers to prove they are free of the major toxins that plague big name diaper brands then they must be the real deal. Who would not be proud of making a diaper out of clean products versus the other options on the market?

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What Diaper Rash?

If your little one is prone to diaper rash, this could also be an indicator that you are in need of an upgrade. Diapers with better absorbency keeps moisture away from your baby’s sensitive skin therefore preventing bad diaper rash. Diaper rash is caused by prolonged moisture on the skin and bacteria. Keeping your little one clean, dry, and diaper rash free is a high priority.

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Another side effect of chemical ridden diapers is rashes. Many children have suffered severe rashes from being allergic to diapers. The thing is they are not allergic to diapers themselves but simply the gross, toxic chemicals that are found in diapers. Our kids truly deserve better, and it is our job as parents to protect them from easily avoidable exposure to harmful things. 


Everyone shops for everything these days online. Why should your diapers be any different? You can pick and choose the diapers that you love, subscribe, save, and have them shipped straight to your door every month. Worrying about running, running low, or making last minute stops at the store to grab diapers will be a thing of the past. As parents we have plenty of things to worry about, so why not let someone take care of this for us. 

A Company You Can Rely On

As parents, we want to feel confident in our decisions and be able to rely on the companies we love. Once we have found a company that we can get behind, that produces clean products, products that work incredibly, and ship them straight to our door- why would we want anything else? We want companies we can trust and depend on to deliver the safest and best products on the market to us. 

Less Laundry

If you can trade in a leaking diaper for a better one and have less laundry to do, that is a no brainer. How do little people accumulate so much laundry? Doing laundry for a household is at least a solid part time job. Make your life a little bit easier and have less messes to clean up. Whether that means less wet bed sheets or less wet clothes, this could be the answer to less laundry. 

Sleep Better

Sleep is important for everyone in the house. If the babies do not sleep, the parents do not sleep, and everyone simply has a bad time. No one wants to be awoken during the night with a soaking wet unhappy baby in a wet bed. Having those previous few hours of sleep disrupted really makes a difference in how you feel. You want to be the absolute best parent for your kids and that means everyone needs to get a good night’s sleep. Do yourself a favor and invest in some overnight diapers. 

Order Today

Ditch the diapers you have known and try something better. Why wait? Leave the gross, chemical filled, leaky diapers in the past. Take the leap to a better, cleaner, dryer tomorrow. 

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