Taking Care of Eyelash Extensions

Ipswich is one of the most popular urban cities in Queensland, Australia, located to the southeast of Brisbane with an estimated population of 210,000. As renowned as the place is for its natural, architectural and cultural heritage, Ipswich also has its fair share of demand for retail and service outlets in the cosmetics industry. It’s interesting to note that eyelash extensions in Ipswich are the newest beauty obsessions among men and women now, as it allows them to have flawless, long lashes in no time. It is a highly beneficial tool for those who have thin, sticky and stubby eyelashes and are looking for ways to elongate them. However, maintaining the lash extensions can seem daunting due to their delicate nature, size and location. This article emphasizes all the necessary precautions that they can take to ensure proper use and care of eyelash extensions.

Consult a Certified Lash Professional

As eyelash extensions are objects that one has installed on the natural lashes of their eyes, health and safety are of the utmost importance. There can be no compromise with the quality of eyelash extensions and maintaining a person’s well-being, as the eye is one of the most sensitive parts of the body. Consulting certified professionals in boutiques like Islash Boutique for best recommendations and practices regarding eyelash extensions in Ipswich is a must. They also have trained experts who can attach the extensions using lashes to the natural eyelashes safely. Trusted salons and boutiques maintain strict disinfection and hygiene procedures to forego any chances of infection.

Do not Wet the Extensions for At Least 24-Hours

The eyelash adhesive takes about 24 hours to dry up and set completely. Although this curing time has significantly reduced over the years due to advancing technology, it is safer to protect the lashes from exposure to water and heat during this time. People must avoid going to the gym, applying a facial, tanning the skin and doing any task that might induce exposure to sweat and steam.

Clean the Eyelash Extensions Regularly

One of the major reasons people blink throughout the day is to discard unwanted secretions from the eye. The secretion piles up during the night as one does not blink while sleeping, causing eye gunk. It can latch on to the lash extensions and requires cleaning every morning. Failing to clean it can result in the gunk hardening and blocking the follicle oil passages, which can hinder the lash growth. Along with washing the lashes, it is equally important to dry them to ensure that the adhesive does not break down.

Brush the Lashes

Experts recommend users brush lashes frequently, to keep them clean and stay in shape. Eyelashes naturally get tangled or messed up when one has been working the entire day. Women can keep mascara or a spoolie at hand to fix the eyelashes and remove the stress that could lead them to grow in the wrong direction.

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Sleep on Soft Pillow Covers

Cotton, although airy, can entangle hair follicles and twist them from the root. Additionally, the fabric draws the oil from the lashes, leaving them brittle and dry. Dry lashes are susceptible to breaking and damage. Using a friction-free, non-abrasive material like silk for pillowcases can help prevent this. If you visit this maangome, you can get more information about it. It is high time, to click here to know malluwap and also you should learn more about soap2day.

Protect the Eyelash Extensions from the Heat

Another major factor that affects the structure and quality of eyelash extensions in Ipswich is exposure to heat. Eyelashes exposed to sunlight can dry out and eventually fall. Wearing polarised sunglasses while stepping out in the Ipswich sun can help prevent this. Similarly, protecting the eyelashes during saunas, steam baths, and hot baths can help prolong their life.

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