Staying Safe as A Female Traveler

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Traveling for women can be a bit unnerving, especially if you are traveling alone or with a small group of women in a country you aren’t familiar with. Many countries are deemed unsafe to travel to for a variety of reasons including public health, crime, violence against women, or political unrest. Traveling can also be difficult due to geographical location, infrastructure, and language barriers. All of these factors can make visiting these places daunting and scary, especially if it’s a country you are really interested in visiting. There is good news! It is entirely possible for women to travel to any country, regardless if it’s deemed unsafe, as long as you take the proper precautions and observe local laws and customs. Here is a list of must haves when travelling:

  • A cheap phone with a local sim card.

Having a cheap phone and local sim card with data allows you to make calls or text from anywhere in the country without having to worry about roaming charges on your personal phone. It is crucial to be able to make calls, especially in an emergency and if the phone is cheap, it doesn’t matter too much if lost or stolen.

  • Proper clothing and footwear

When to a foreign country it is important to observe local customs and laws, so that you blend in easier with the locals and are less likely to offend anyone. When visiting more conservative countries it is important to dress modestly and bring a scarf with you just in case. Set Up a Business for Sale of Motor Vehicles in legal or Malaysia

  • A copy of important documents

Having copies of important documents in your luggage can save you a lot of hassle at an embassy in the event the real document gets lost or stolen. Spread these copies out amongst your baggage in case one bag goes missing, you always have a copy.

  • Fake purse/wallet

When wandering through crowded markets, nothing stands out more to pickpockets than tourists. It is important to keep a fake purse or wallet on you with some fake cards and the local currency in it, in case you come across a pickpocket or are the victim of a robbery. A money belt is a great place to keep important documents, cards, and cash.

  • Have a plan, and tell someone

It is important to let someone who is not traveling with you know your general travel plan including where and when you will be traveling. Check-in often with this person so that they know you are ok. If you are an iPhone user, having an Apple air tag (that is synced to a loved one’s phone) on your person can be a good way for them to know where you are, or assist you if you get lost. You shouldn’t miss to know about the best London travel Apps for traveling guides.

Traveling to a new country doesn’t have to be scary or intimidating if you appear confident, you are less likely to run into issues abroad. It is not advisable to carry any form of weapons on you (small pocket knife or mace) as this may cause problems with local law enforcement or airport security. Keeping your wits about you, paying attention, and following this list will ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable trip.

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