Sports Competitions Ban Russia Due to Ukraine Conflict

Major sports bodies around the world are continuing to ban Russia from participating in sports events as a measure to support Ukraine in the ongoing invasion by Russia. The sports bodies are responding to a call made earlier by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). The call expressly requested the bodies to take action by excluding Russia and Belarusian athletes, their officials, and teams from all global events.

Then bans by the sports authorities have had significant effects on sports wagering across the world. Gamblers can no longer bet on Russian sportsbooks until the bans are lifted. It is not clear how long the bans will remain in effect.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC)

The international Olympics body has vigorously pushed for a ban against Russia by all international sports bodies. To date, a large number of sports bodies have taken action to issue the bans.


The ITF (International Tennis Federation) has banned the RFT (Russia Tennis Federation) from all ITF events. BTF (Belarus Tennis Federation) is also banned from the events. The two banned teams can continue competing against each other until the current situation in Ukraine is solved.


FIFA and UEFA have banned all football clubs in Russia. They will not play in the playoff matches that are planned for March in preparation for the World Cup. This ban will remain until the governing committees advise otherwise.


Russia and Belarus have been suspended by the World Rugby from participating in any cross-border or international rugby event. The World Rugby president said the action was taken after Russia decided to invade Ukraine. Russia’s aggression against Ukraine has badly impacted the country’s travel industry, too, and budget travelers are feeling the heavy impact due to the aggression.

Winter Olympics

Paralympic athletes from Russia and Belarus will not participate in this year’s 2022 Winter Paralympics set to be held in Beijing. The International Paralympic Committee decided to support other international sports organizations that are helping Ukraine due to Russia’s invasion.

Formula 1

The Russian Grand Prix event that was to take place this year had been moved to 2023 due to some unavoidable situations. The event is now officially canceled for good after Formular 1 declared its ban against all Russian drivers.

Other international bans

Other international sports bodies that have banned Russia from their events are:

  • International Judo Federation
  • The International Ice Hockey Federation
  • Badminton World Federation
  • World Taekwondo
  • FINA
  • International Equestrian Sports
  • Summer Olympic Sports

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