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Six Cleaning Essentials for Your New Apartment

Moving to a new apartment can be very overwhelming, but exciting. This article will detail our cleaning routine tips and supplies that you didn’t know you needed in your new abode, especially if you’re moving out on your own for the first time. We’ll journey through your new place, reviewing the best supplies you’ll want to pick up to make your cleaning less of a chore. Let’s begin.

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1. Start from the bottom.

Keeping your floors spotless may seem an endless task, but the right supplies can provide relief. For carpeted floors, investing in a good vacuum cleaner is key, and today’s options are endless. For small to midsize apartments, consider a cordless or robotic recharging vacuum. Robotic vacuums are more expensive but do their job regularly when you’re not home. If you have pets, be sure to find pet-friendly models that pick up pet hair.

If your apartment has hardwood or tile floors, invest in a quality non-toxic cleaner that works without harsh chemicals which can cause allergies, irritation, and excessive wear and fading. Using commercial cleaners on a home floor can cause damage. Finally, invest in a bottle of carpet cleaning spray; spills happen, and it’s best to be prepared. Of course, be sure to use different cleaning supplies in the bathroom from the rest of the space to prevent contamination, even though it means having two mops.

2. Simplify the Laundry Process

Avoiding spills and waste in the laundry room is easy when you use laundry pods instead of bottled or powdered detergent. If the laundry room is communal, pods also mean you’re not carting heavy supplies with you. Picking up non-chlorine bleach pods is also helpful for whites. Color-absorbing sheets prevent color bleeding between items, and unscented dryer sheets or dryer balls keep clothes from picking up multiple scents. Pick up stain remover and anti-static ironing spray or make some in spray bottles with water and a few drops of detergent and unscented liquid fabric softener.

3. Maintain a clean kitchen and bathroom

The bathroom and kitchen are the rooms that require cleaning most, so picking up ample supplies is critical and will allow you to take care of the cleaning tasks as part of regular use. Conveniently, the cabinets under most kitchen sinks or vanities are perfect for storing cleaning supplies. Regularly wiping down and disinfecting surfaces keeps germs at bay and any grime or build-up from becoming a damaging problem. Staying away from harsh chemicals and using natural cleansers can keep toxins away from you and your guests when picking up surface cleaner. Undiluted white vinegar has antifungal and antibacterial properties and kills counter germs, prevents mold and mildew in your shower and bath, and is a natural cleaner.  Use it to wipe down surfaces, polish any fixtures, clean glass surfaces including windows, and wipe down kitchen appliances including the microwave interior. Regular cleaning each day means no dedicated cleaning time later.

Instead of purchasing chemical-smelling air fresheners, a few drops of your favorite essential oil in a spray bottle mixed with 70% isopropyl alcohol can be a good disinfectant to spray down your porcelain and plastic surfaces after use AND air freshener.

4. Buy non-perishable supplies in bulk

To save money in the long-term, supplies you buy in bulk either online or at your local warehouse market can save money you can invest elsewhere. Dishwasher pods, dish soap, surface cleaner, sponges, dish cloths and towels, and hand soap are all long-lasting items you can buy in bulk at significant savings. A monthly deep cleaning involves wiping down all surfaces with a sanitizing solution, polishing any fixtures, cleaning any glass surfaces including windows, wiping down kitchen appliances including the microwave interior, and mopping the floors.

5. Tackle bedrooms and the living room with a regular routine

The bedroom and living room will likely be where you spend the majority of your time. They also have the softest surfaces in the house.  These often collect and stir up dust and lint, which can not only aggravate allergies but also leave dusty surfaces. Picking up a bag of microfiber cloths, dusters, and dry sweeping cloths can keep the dust down. Regularly washing sheets and shaking out blankets can help as well, especially if you have a pet who shares the room. In your bedroom closet, make sure to use airtight containers to store out-of-season clothing and protect your clothes by using moth balls or other deterrents.

Since your bedroom is probably the place where you’ll hide any clutter when guests are coming over, it’s a smart plan to invest in decluttering systems in the room itself. Open surfaces tend to turn into collecting spots for clutter, and decluttering is covered under the broad definition of cleaning. Keep that in mind as you plan your cleaning routine.

6. Plan a deep cleaning day each quarter

To maintain a clean home, spring cleaning isn’t the only time to deep clean your home.  Each season deserves its own cleaning day! If you do your regular cleaning well, quarterly deep cleaning will be easy. Simply take a more scrutinizing look at your apartment and clean everywhere you don’t normally. This involves taking things off of bookshelves and dusting the items and the shelves, wiping down ceiling fixtures, cleaning the oven, possibly shampooing carpets, and taking down and cleaning any curtains. From a decluttering standpoint, it can also mean filling boxes of clothes or household items to trash, donate, or re-purpose.

In conclusion:

Yes, cleaning is a chore, but being prepared with the right stuff and having a good plan of attack can make it an easy one. Keeping a space clean regularly can help maintain the apartment for the next tenant, too!

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