Sankyo Introduces Evangelion Pachinko Machines

The Evangelion franchise has achieved strong sales both in the domestic market and abroad. In 2007, related Eva slot エヴァスロット goods sold for over Y150 billion, and the pachinko machines alone were responsible for Y700 billion in sales. In addition to their strong sales, the Evangelion pachinko machines have also become a popular form of entertainment for fans of the anime and manga.

Evangelion’s manga

Earlier this year, a Japanese gaming magazine, Famitsu, announced that a series of Evangelion pachinko machines would be launched in Japan. These machines would have the same theme as the popular anime series, and they would even simulate slot machines and pachinko games. They would also include footage from the Evangelion film series. The Evangelion pachinko machines are expected to be available in Japan on September 6th.

Several popular anime franchises have spawned their own versions of pachinko machines. This latest release from Sankyo will appeal to anime fans and pachinko enthusiasts alike. It is possible to find pachinko parlors in many locations across Japan. They are usually located near major train stations and are decorated with flashing neon lights. Stepping into a pachinko parlor can be a shock to the senses, but thankfully there’s no need to be intimidated by them.

In addition to Evangelion, there are many other popular anime and video game themes in pachinko machines. A popular series that features characters from the anime is the Great Sea Story. The games are designed to be easy to play and are known for their simple animation and sexy main character Marin. Sankyo has also released machines based on Gundam and the popular Satelight animated series.

Evangelion’s anime

The Japanese slot-pinochoke company Sankyo has introduced new Evangelion-themed pachinko machines. The machines, which have designs and themes based on popular anime series, can be played for real cash prizes, and can generate sounds similar to those from the AT field in the TV series. These Evangelion-themed pachinko machines can be found throughout Japan, and are a great way for fans of the anime to spend some time in a fun, if not large, atmosphere.

The new Evangelion machine is called the Roar and uses the Evangelion Unit 01 as its model. It features a face that roars in certain renditions and shares a building with other popular anime stores. It has additional accessories, such as a Evangelion-themed bar, and a ‘Sankyo’ sign. The EVANGELION machines can also be found in Sankyo’s Hakone branch, which features several other Evangelion-themed machines.

A promotional video for the Evangelion pachinko machine has been released by Sankyo. In the video, Sankyo talks about how they created the new slot machine and what was done behind-the-scenes. In the video, Sankyo mentions that only a small part of the sound from the show was reused, but the majority was recorded specifically for the slot machine. In addition, the actors said they recorded the dialog before working on the GX.

Evangelion’s pachinko machines

Evangelion’s series of pachinki machines are available throughout Japan, and they simulate slot machines and pachinko games. Each of the machines is themed after an episode of the popular anime. The game features sound effects that are ear-damaging, including an AT field. Evangelion-themed pachinko machines are also available at pachinko parlors.

Evangelion’s pachinko machines come with several different modes, including Berserker Mode and Mission Mode. While Mission Mode is intended for those who want to try the game’s gamification エヴァンゲリオンスロット features, Berserker Mode is more challenging, and winning in the latter mode is practically guaranteed. The Evangelion series of pachinko machines also features the newest technology, including electric ball shooters and 3D lcd video displays. And the lighting is simply gorgeous!


The Evangelion franchise has spawned numerous media related to the anime, including video games, manga, and audio books. The games are not only popular in Japan, but the series has spread worldwide, extending from the original manga into manga. There are also several pachinko machines made exclusively for the Japane. These machines are an integral part of the anime’s multi-platform marketing strategy.

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