Power Measurement Equipment

Measurement systems

All measurement systems have certain basic characteristics. Usually, a specific quantity is monitored, either periodically or continuously. Therefore, some type of visual indication of the quantity being monitored must be available. For this purpose, several types of instruments for measuring electrical and physical quantities are available.

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Analog Instruments

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Instruments that rely upon the motion of a hand or pointer are referred to as analog instruments. The volt-ohm-millimeter is one type of analog instrument. The vow is a multifunction, multiage meter. Single function analog meters can also be used to measure electrical or physical quantities. The basic part of an electrical analog meter is called the meter movement and is shown in. The movement of the pointer along a calibrated scale is used to indicate an electrical or physical quantity. For example, physical quantities such as air flow or fluid pressure can be monitored by analog meters.

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Comparative Instruments

Another group of measuring instruments can be classified as comparative instruments. Usually, a comparative instrument is designed to compare a component of known value to one with an unknown value. The accuracy of comparative instruments is ordinarily much better than that of analog instruments, described above.

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Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) Instruments

A cathode ray tube display instrument, usually called an oscilloscope, is an important type of instrument. Using an oscilloscope makes it possible to visually monitor the voltages of a system. The basic operational part of the oscilloscope is the cathode ray tube. Figure 3-4 shows the construction and electron gun arrangement of a CRT.

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