Planet IX the new kid on the block

Have you perhaps heard about gamefi and play to earn? It’s the new space out there that is also connected to what is called a Metaverse. A metaverse is the equivalent of a virtual world and most of the time they are hard to do without the implementation of blockchain. A lot of companies have already started to opt for games like Dencentraland and Sandbox. H&M, Nike and many more are understanding the impact these metaverses will have for the future generation. To be able to monetize a business through these platforms is a step to reach the millennials. One game that you might not have heard about is Planet IX. A game that has grown in an unusually undercover-ish way but still reached tens of thousands of users. We found Planet IX when one of our influencer friends told us this is a game we need to keep our eyes on and sure enough this has really peaked our interest. We had to try it out to see and understand why so many players are already actively playing Planet IX.

The Gameplay – Collect land and territories

Gamefi and play to earn is the game mechanics of Planet IX. It’s a free to play game, meaning that everyone can get into the game without hurdles. What strikes me as a little weird is that they are still using an email as authentication when you could win a lot of props just utilizing your metamask wallet to get started. We hope that is what they will do over time. So the game is very confusing as you first get in! The first thing we saw was something that looked like the Taj Mahal.

Naturally we clicked it and this is what we found.

Here you can see the landmark of what seems to be something Taj Mahal alike.

At this stage we realized that we need help and navigated to the Planet IX youtube channels and went through all the help tutorials. This is how we really learned how to play the game and how important bot IX tokens and PIX are for the gameplay. Unfortunately we haven’t had the chance to join any rafles so far but we look forward to it in the future.

The first thing one should do is navigate to the marketplace because at current you are not able to play the game without a harvester drone. This is one of the big negatives at the moment with Planet IX because the drone is pretty costly at USD 200. The Planet IX team has however said that manual looting is coming in a future update and then the game will truly become free to play. Sure you might need a little bit of gas (Matic) for the transaction but that is however minimal.

Web 3.0 with Polygon (Matic) Blockchain

Like Decentraland and Sandbox, Planet IX is also a Web 3.0 blockchain game. What sets it aside is the use of Matic instead of Ethereum that many others are using, Matic makes for a more fluid experience when it comes to fees and it is lightning fast. You can really feel that swoosh when you start trading with IX and utilizing the tokens in game for an extra boost. So what is Polygon or Matic?

Polygon is a multi chain solution meaning that it connects together different blockchain solutions into one, for example it uses the best of Ethereum and tries to solve the pain points like high gas prices and congestion in the network. To keep it short you could argue that it is a scaling solution for dApps in the Ethereum blockchain (decentralized apps). It works very similarly to Ethereum and the easiest way to utilize it is through metamask.

We have looked through the block explorer and there looks to be a lot of activity relating to the Planet IX game, could the game become what Crypto Kitties is for Ethereum? One can only wait and see. We are very excited about Planet IX and everything related.

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