New Developments in the Indian Digital World

The Indian digital world is set to see some new developments. A new payment platform, a messaging app, and a unified loyalty program are among the highlights.

a unified platform that connects several brands

Tata Digital, a subsidiary of Tata Group, has launched a super app – the Tata Neu – which combines several of its brands into one unified platform. The app features a plethora of offerings including finance solutions, travel, daily groceries, entertainment, and more. However, the new app is far from flawless. It’s slow, sluggish, and ineffective.

To improve the app’s performance, Tata is working with the likes of former investment banker Ankur Verma and Tata Consultancy Services to develop products and services to help the company become the digital enabler of choice for India’s consumers and businesses. The company is also implementing a loyalty program which will allow users to earn rewards which can be used across the Tata brands.

Another cool-looking feature of the new app is the ability to seamlessly blend service commerce and product commerce. Using UPI, the Tata app integrates with various Tata services through an in-app browser. Some of the other features of the Tata app include exclusive privileges for various categories, such as air travel and shopping, and the possibility to make payments using the app Techlogicagte.

a unified loyalty program

The Tata Group has plans to launch a unified loyalty program, known as the’super app’, that will allow customers to access the group’s various services. While a spokesperson for Tata Digital did not respond to a request for comment, sources said the app is likely to debut in the first half of April.

It will also feature “NeuCoins,” a currency that will be the equivalent of one Indian rupee. Users can earn these in the app or by shopping directly. In exchange, customers can redeem their points to redeem for products, services or experiences across the group’s portfolio.

Although the super app is still in its early days, Tata has already tested it with its employees. During the IPL cricket tournament, the company will promote it, highlighting the benefits of the app.

Tata’s other digital initiatives include the acquisition of flight ticketing firm AirAsia last year, as well as entertainment service Tata Play and hotel chain Taj. Last year, the company also acquired a majority stake in BigBasket, an online grocery store Marketbusinessfacts.

a payments platform

The Tata group is the largest business entity in India. It has been a key contributor to nation-building. Over the years, the company has launched many businesses that laid the foundations for India’s growth. One of the latest products is Tata Digital, an ecommerce super app. This is a digital platform that integrates different Tata brands into one single app, and offers exclusive privileges in categories.

Tata has a presence across various categories, including retail, travel, hospitality, and CPG. For example, the Tata Neu super app offers flights, finance solutions, and a variety of travel-related products. A pilot test of the app has been conducted among Tata Group employees.

Meanwhile, the Tata group plans to launch its own digital payments service based on UPI. The company is in talks with ICICI Bank to power its digital payments infrastructure. Currently, there are several UPI-based services in the Indian market, such as Paytm, PhonePe, and Google Pay.

As of late, Tata Digital has been trying to sell its financial services offerings to consumers. In order to expand its payment options, the company has hired several senior talent from both the financial and digital spaces.

a messaging app

The local giant, Tata Group, is gearing up to launch its new super app. This app will integrate many of its consumer services into one app, and will compete with giants like Amazon and Jio Platforms. It’s currently being tested with staff and will be rolled out next month. However, it’s not without its problems.

It has been rumored that the super app will have a loyalty program, and that customers will earn “NeuCoins,” which are worth about one Indian rupee. However, the company is facing challenges getting some brands to participate in the program.

In February, TechCrunch reported that the company was developing an app called TataNeu. We got a sneak peek at the app and found it to be quite buggy. While the app did a decent job of pointing to different services, the performance was abysmal.

After several delays and issues, the super app will launch next month. It is expected to include almost a dozen services. It will allow users to shop online, pay bills, send money and get loans. Businessworldfacts

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