Mobile Phone and Internet Bundles: 7 Reasons to Cut the Cord

We live in a time where many people are looking for ways to cut costs. For some, the idea of not having cable or satellite television is one way to do this. But what about the internet? The Internet has become an essential part of modern life, and it can be expensive to have both cable TV and high-speed internet. Luckily, there are mobile phone and internet bundles that allow you to save money on both! Read on below to find out more about these reasons.

Reason #1: Money Saver

The first reason to get a mobile phone and internet bundles is that you will save money. In fact, the average consumer saves $104 every month by switching from cable or satellite TV service to an Internet-only plan with their local provider. This allows them to use the savings on something they care about more than paying for hundreds of channels they don’t watch anymore!

Reason #2: Flexibility is Key

One thing people love about these bundles is how flexible they can be when compared with traditional services like cable television. Mobile phones allow users to take their plans anywhere in Australia – even if there’s no cell tower coverage in some parts of the country, at least you’ll have access to your home Wi-Fi network is – no matter where you are.

Reason #3: There’s Always a Catch… Right?

Of course, there is always some form of catch when it comes to making things cheaper or more available. With mobile phone and internet bundles, the main downside to cutting out cable TV is losing access to premium channels like HBO Go, ESPN, etc. But with all the money saved on your monthly bill by not having these extras in your plan anymore, we think most people would say this tradeoff is pretty worth it!

Reason #4: Mobile Phone and Internet Bundles Are Cheaper than You Think!

Another great reason for getting one of these plans now that they’re so popular is how cheap they can be compared to traditional options. For example, the average customer pays $39/month for a mobile phone and internet bundle. This is far less than it would cost to get either one of these plans on its own!

Reason #5: Flexibility Can Be Yours with Mobile Phone and Internet Bundles

With all of your money saved from not having cable or satellite television anymore, we know that some people will want those savings to go towards something fun…like going out more often with friends and family! But if you’re too busy at work or just don’t feel like leaving home right now, then do what millions of others are doing and cut the cord!

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Reason #6: Mobile Phone and Internet Bundles are Great for Seniors Too!

Another group of people who often benefit from mobile phone and internet bundles is seniors. Not only do these bundles give you another way to connect with your friends, family, doctors, etc., but they also help older adults stay safe in their homes if there’s an emergency situation that requires them to call 911 or someone else immediately. This peace of mind can be priceless when it comes to avoiding unnecessary accidents at home that could lead to serious injury.

Reason #7: More Savings – Get Two for the Price of One!

If you can’t get enough mobile recharge and internet bundles, at recharge .com we have one more great way that they save money. 

The best part about these services is how affordable it makes adding a second or third line to your account. So if you want to give someone access to their own plan but are unsure whether they’ll be able to afford it on their own…why not split the cost with them? This way both parties win when it comes to saving cash every month!


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