Mixlab Secures $20 Million Series A Round From Sonoma Brands and Lakehouse Ventures

Mixlab is an innovative company that provides the world with superior, easy-to-use solutions for the veterinary industry. They offer an easy way to access and organize a veterinarian’s data and documents, and they are constantly expanding into new markets. Their software can also streamline a vet’s workflow, resulting in better efficiency and faster productivity.

Veterinarians’ workflow is streamlined

The Mixlab, a digital pharmacy for your pets has snagged a $20 million Series A round led by Sonoma Brands, Lakehouse Ventures and Global Founders Capital. While it has yet to land the biggest fish in the tank, this round will help to bring its on-demand pet prescription delivery service to market. In the process, it’ll also help to streamline the workflow of vets.

The Mixlab has a number of features to help streamline veterinary practices, from making medications on demand, to delivering them to your door. It even has an in-house pharmacologist to help with complicated prescriptions. One of the more exciting aspects of the Mixlab is its ability to make a prescription in under 30 seconds. This translates into faster turnaround time for your pet’s meds. Ultimately, this should improve your pets’ health and well-being.

The Mixlab also has a few nifty features to its credit, including a smart pill dispenser, which helps to make medication dispensation more accurate. But the Mixlab really shines when it comes to a more complex prescription, like a vaccine. By tracking and analyzing a patient’s response to therapy, the company can ensure that the right dosage is administered. Lastly, Mixlab is also helping to eliminate the need for an on-site pharmacy inventory.

Same-day delivery

Mixlab is an online pet pharmacy that uses technology to provide same-day delivery of medications to customers. They partner with vets and create custom medications. As a result, they’re able to write prescriptions in seconds and keep track of patients’ progress on their online dashboard. Medications come with clear instructions and a note from a pharmacist. In addition, each order comes with a toy for the animal.

Since its inception in 2017, Mixlab has managed to grow revenue 3x year over year. The company is based in New York and Los Angeles, but plans to expand its operations to new markets. At present, it’s offering same-day delivery to the New York metropolitan area, as well as next-day delivery to many other U.S. states. It’s also offering an auto-ship option that will help its customers save money.

The pet care industry is booming, and the global market is estimated to reach $232 billion by 2020. This has led to a plethora of startups that have attracted the attention of investors. Companies like Capsule and Wagmo recently raised massive mega rounds. Others, such as Embark Veterinary, are starting to get noticed by the investment community. Ultimately, Mixlab wants to transform the pet wellness space, while making it easier for pet parents to stay on top of their prescriptions.

Expanding to new markets

Mixlab is an online pet pharmacy, aiming to deliver customized medications to animal owners. The company offers a number of drugs, ranging from flea and tick treatments to vaccinations. As a part of its service, customers are able to have their medications delivered to their home, a process that can be done as fast as same-day. They also offer an auto-ship option, which reduces the amount of money that pet parents have to spend on medications.

The New York-based company is also aiming to expand its reach and technology. It is hiring for tech positions at its LA headquarters, and plans to expand its same-day delivery services into new markets.

The company has already raised $20 million in Series A funding, led by Sonoma Brands, with participation from Monogram Capital, Lakehouse Ventures, and Global Founders Capital. This funding is the first in a series that will help the company expand its business.

As for the company’s achievements, Mixlab claims to have developed a digital platform that allows veterinarians to prescribe and deliver medications. Veterinarians can use the technology to create custom medications, monitor patient therapy, and even write prescriptions in seconds.

Investment strategy

Mixlab is a new pet pharmacy, which was founded in 2013. It is an online platform, which enables veterinarians to prescribe medications and gives them the option of sending the prescriptions to patients’ homes. The company’s goal is to expand its operations and reach. Currently, it is based in New York.

Since its launch, the company has collaborated with companies from all over the world. For example, Sonoma Brands led the funding round. Other investors included Monogram Capital and Lakehouse Ventures. Keith Levy, who is an operating partner at Sonoma Brands, will be joining the Mixlab board of directors. He also co-founded the company with Stella Kim, who is the chief experience officer.

Mixlab’s total funding was $30 million. It will use the funds to expand its operations. As more and more people begin to have pets, the demand for pet care products will grow. Hence, the company will try to expand its operation to a global level.

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