Mid-face Augmentation Surgery

Mid-face dimple augmentation surgery is a surgery that helps to correct dimples in the middle of the face, to correct protruding lips and to correct deep cheekbones by using a method to raise the base of the nose structure. A small piece of rib cartilage or silicone implant is inserted through the nostril and/or the upper lip. to create an outline of the front of the ridge in the middle of the nose This type of surgery has the same results as “Double jaw surgery,” but using a much easier method. Which is suitable for those who want to have a distinctive and beautiful facial contour from the nose to the lips. This dimple augmentation surgery is often performed in conjunction with rhinoplasty. Combining the two methods is called harmonious rhinoplasty.

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Many Asians and African Americans are prone to dimples in the center of their faces and the shape of the mouth that extends beyond the base of their noses, causing their facial contours to appear unbalanced. Many patients choose to solve this problem with double jaw surgery or protrusion surgery. These two surgeries are considered major surgeries. But many patients choose to have a mid-face augmentation surgery instead because it can give the same results as double jaw surgery, which is easier and does not require major surgery. The surgery takes about an hour and uses only local anesthesia. If a facial dimple augmentation is performed in conjunction with rhinoplasty This will make the patient’s face structure as a whole that is harmonious. This surgery is especially suitable for those who want to have a beautiful, attractive and attractive face.

There are two types of materials used for dimples in the middle of the face: silicone rhinoplasty and rib cartilage. Most face dimple augmentation surgery is done in conjunction with rhinoplasty. But the patient can choose to have surgery to enhance the dent in the middle of the face only.

in rhinoplasty that requires cartilage from the septum septum ear cartilage or surgery to enhance the dent in the middle of the face The surgeon usually inserts two small implants through the nostrils and/or under the upper lip slits to help elevate the base of the nose.

When a rib cartilage rhinoplasty is required The surgeon will design and shape the rib cartilage to be used as a material for mid-face augmentation surgery. Both of these implants are inserted through the nostrils and/or under the upper lip as mentioned earlier.

Common symptoms of people with a dent in the center of the face

Patients with crooked septal septum face many problems in daily life. In addition to stress about the shape of the nose that is not the same. There may also be some usability issues such as stuffy nose, lack of concentration, lack of attention. and memory problems It may also cause sinusitis. otitis media and otitis media when there is a fever as well

Who is suitable for doing Mid-face Augmentation

  1. People with protruding mouth
  2. People with deep cheekbones
  3. People with a dent in the middle of the face The center of the face looks like a basin.
  4. People who want to have a beautiful, charming face.
  5. People who want to have a beautiful side face.
  6. Those who want to have more beautiful lip contours

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