Make Your Space Work Out: How To Set Up a Mini Gym In Your Small House

If you are not living in a huge family house, finding a comfortable and quiet place for a regular inside workout can be tricky. Today we are bringing you five easy tips on how to set up an efficient, motivating, and budget-friendly gym in even the smallest of homes.

Let’s be real, public gyms and studios are often way overpriced and not to mention – overcrowded with strangers. Besides, sometimes it is simply more comfortable to work out in the privacy of your own home where you can make all the ugly faces and let go of all the struggle noises without anyone giving you the look.

Although more convenient, creating a workout space in a smaller flat can be a struggle, which is why we are giving you five simple tips on how to make your very own – small home gym:

1. Decide how much space you need

To work out at home, you don’t need that much space. All you need to do is make sure you have enough room to go one step forward, one step back and on the sides, and maybe create enough space for a plank position.

Not even the best gym cannot replace a home gym where you feel comfortable and at ease. You might have to remodel your home in order to fit a home gym. There are some extra expenses to that but the final product will be all worth it. For better results, you can consider working with professionals such as those who do home remodeling in Sacramento, if you are in that area.

Surely, some workouts like Jiu Jitsu Townsville would require more space especially if you don’t want to break anything or even injure yourself but knocking your head on a table or chair. So, make sure to review workouts and how much space they require before you start rolling around.

2. Finding a perfect spot

Like in the majority of smaller flats, your living room is probably the ideal place to create a nice workout zone, even if you have to move a few things around. In case you have a home office or a nice terrace, you can also create a lovely private workout space there (especially if you have kids to run away from).

3. Get some basic equipment

If you want to get your home gym on another level, get yourself (at least) some basic cardio gym equipment.

There are plenty of options online so gym equipment isn’t that pricey anymore. On the contrary, you are saving a lot of money long-term by not paying a monthly membership because your gym is in your home!

When deciding what to buy, the first thing you should get is probably dumbbells. Don’t bother about how much they should weigh because a great workout can be done even with the small 5 kilograms ones. In case you don’t want to buy, you can always turn to the good old DIY dumbbells made from water bottles.

Another thing you can get to make your gym more fun is resistance strips, but you could also consider a nice yoga mat or a pilates ball. Furthermore, you may add some immersive gaming materials such as a golf simulator and VR consoles to serve as icebreakers for days when you’re not in the mood for some serious workout The key is to make your space as motivating, fun, and comfortable as it gets.

4. Download, download, download

It is true that simply working out at home can be a bit demotivating from time to time, but that is why there are over 35,000 different workout apps available – to keep even the laziest of moving!

You can imagine everything you will ever need to make your home gym smart, efficient, and to make yourself engaged in your progress.

Of course, you will have to go through a few apps before you find the perfect one, but once you find it, you will never again understand why people are hiring a trainer – a good app is all you need.

Besides a great fitness app, another great motivator is your very own, personalized gym music playlist with all your favourite upbeat, dance, and motivating songs that will help you push your limits to the max.

5. Dress to impress

Even though you are at home and maybe ‘no one can see you, dress like you’re going to the gym – you will simply feel more motivated to exercise while wearing athletic clothes.

Health experts are talking more and more about the importance of daily workouts, but with the busy lives we are leading, it can be exhausting to find the time to hit the gym.

Therefore, especially in the new age of working from home, an ideal solution is creating your little fitness sanctuary, just one door away.

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