Luxury Yacht Charter Istanbul

If you’re planning a holiday to Turkey, luxury yacht charter is an ideal way to discover its many captivating destinations. You’ll discover dramatic cruising grounds, hidden coves and charming villages on board your charter vessel. If you are looking for private yacht rental Istanbul, can assist.

On board, you’ll have plenty of choices when it comes to gourmet meals and drinks. A chef will create a menu tailored specifically to your preferences and served at exactly when you request it.


Istanbul, a port city where west meets east in an epic fusion, is one of the world’s most significant cultural and historical landmarks. It boasts stunning sights such as the breathtaking Blue Mosque with its iconic mosaics and obelisks.

Experience Istanbul from a whole new perspective with a luxury yacht charter. Cruise along the Bosphorus and take in all of its landmarks from both sides of the river like never before.

By boat, you can explore a lesser-known part of Genoa City like Kilyos. This charming Genoese town boasts some breathtaking natural scenery as well as several ancient Genoese structures like castles, water scales and stone piers. Additionally, Kilyos is renowned for its hot springs – said to be the city’s largest natural health resort.


For an unforgettable view of Istanbul, chartering a luxury yacht is the ideal way to go. Not only will you see all its top landmarks and stunning beaches from here, but you also get to take in views across the strait that separates Europe and Asia.

Chartering a yacht in Turkey presents many options, but it’s essential to pick the right type. Sailing yachts offer more comfort than motorboats, can accommodate larger groups and provide a more luxurious atmosphere.

Private yachts can be an ideal venue for special events like weddings, birthdays, anniversary celebrations or parties. Guests have more freedom to move around the boat and eat as they please – making them the ideal choice for large gatherings.

Istanbul offers a wide range of yachts for rent, from traditional gulets to modern motorboats. All feature luxurious interiors, cutting-edge entertainment facilities and gourmet menus; making them perfect for luxury cruises or water sports activities.


Istanbul is an enthralling city to discover, situated on both continents (Europe and Asia). It’s also one of the top choices for boat rentals in Turkey.

Istanbul offers an unmatched luxury yacht charter experience. Sail the Bosphorus strait to explore Europe and Asia’s coastlines and take in some of its most captivating sights.

Fethiye, known as “the little harbor”, boasts many historical landmarks as well as stunning beaches and coves. Fethiye in particular stands out due to its natural springs and chic marina.

Fethiye offers stunning blue waters and inviting restaurants for a relaxing lunch or dinner break. Other notable destinations to visit during your Istanbul yacht charter include Gemiler Island and Kizilkuyruk Koyu on the Kapidag Peninsula. Plus, there are plenty of secluded coves, charming villages and protected anchorages throughout this region.


No matter if you’re just planning a day on the water or planning an extended sailing vacation, we have the perfect boat for you. We’ll help narrow down the choices and make selection easy – from top-of-the-line mega yachts to high-end power boats. Plus, our convenient booking and reservations process makes booking the right yacht at the lowest possible price a breeze. Plus, we provide all necessary paperwork and insurance so your trip runs as stress free as possible.

At our unbeatable prices, you can have an unrivaled experience on board a luxury boat for as low as $99 an hour! You’ll get an experienced crew, state of the art yacht and all of its latest toys – so all that remains for you to do is relax, have fun and explore Istanbul on your own terms.

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